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Cruisin' The Fossil Freeway
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Art by Ray Troll
Which Washington State fossil sites are open to the public?

Discover Washington fossils! Below is a list of fossil sites in Washington State that are open to the public. This information is also available in an interactive map featuring artwork by Ray Troll.

What: Chuckanut Drive (SR-11), south of Bellingham, WA
What to see: Eocene plant fossils

What: Museum and Arts Center, Sequim, WA
What to see: Actual bones from the Manis Mastodon, discovered by Sequim resident Emanuel Manis in 1977

What: Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Seattle WA
What to see: Vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology collections from Washington State

What: Mima Mounds Natural Area  Preserve, near Little Rock, WA
What to see: open prairies created by retreating glaciers 15,000 years ago

What: Gingko Petrified Forest State Park, near Vantage, WA
What to see:  Fossilized ancient forests

What: Stonerose Interpretive Center, Republic, WA
What to see: Eocene fossil beds (and you can dig for your own fossils!)

What: Blue Lake Rhino, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area (note: this site has very limited access and is only recommended for experienced climbers)
What to see: The mold of a small Miocene rhinoceros (Diceratherium), preserved in pillow basalt

What: Geology displays, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
What to see:  Rocks, fossils, and minerals

What: Stonehenge Memorial, Maryhill, WA
What to see: An exact replica of Stonehenge

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