The Graphic Works of Susan A. Point


Pacific Spirit, Susan A. Point, 1990
Pacific Spirit
© Copyright Susan A. Point   1990.  All Rights Reserved.

Susan Point, a Coast Salish (Musqueam) artist from Vancouver, B.C., has been producing prints for twenty years. Throughout her career, she has experimented with her subject matter, her compositions, and her media, and yet she has remained focused on the original artistic intentions that first drew her to create prints. She has sought inspiration for her designs from a variety of objects, legends, and ideas, and she has produced a vast and diverse body of work in all kinds of media, from serigraphs to etched glass sculptures, monumental wood carvings to fine jewelry. While it would be wonderful to examine the full extent of her oeuvre, that is not the intent of this small exhibit. Rather, assembled here is a representative sample of Susan Point's prints from the Burke Museum's permanent collection. Through them issues that permeate Susan Point's work, such as representation and cultural identity, as well as artistic integrity and ingenuity, will be discussed.


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