Exhibit Opening Day: Wondrous Cold: An Antarctic Journey
Sat., Oct. 3, 10 am – 4 pm
Spend the day hearing firsthand about Antarctica from those who have conducted research there. Lecture topics include fossil collecting, sound recording, Antarctica’s role in global climate change, and the geological history of the continent. Visit for a full schedule of presentations. Please click here for a full schedule of presentations

Ice Age Archaeology
Sun., Oct. 18, 10 am – 4 pm
October is Washington State Archaeology month! Join us for a day of exhibits and talks on what life was like during the coldest time the state has ever known. Burke archaeologists and other specialists will be on hand to give you the inside scoop on human life 12,000 years ago. Try your hand at the ancient skill of attaching a spear point to a shaft. See and touch fossils of the giant animals who shared the earth with people during a time when the environment was radically different.

Dinosaurs on Ice: Jurassic Dinosaurs from Antarctica
Thu., Nov. 12, 7 pm
Dr. William Hammer of Augustana College, Illinois, made his first trip in search of fossil vertebrates in the Central Transantarctic Mountains as a graduate student in 1977. Since then he has led six expeditions to Antarctica. In a lecture at the Burke Museum, he will discuss Jurassic dinosaurs, scavenging theropods, a new sauropodomorph, a "beaver-like" tritylodont, a pterosaur or flying reptile, as well as other Jurassic finds from his over 30 years of research into the secrets of Antarctica.

Signpost at Neumeyer Station
Photo by Joan Myers