Squid in the News

Migrating Squid Drove Evolution Of Sonar In Whales And Dolphins, Researchers Argue
Science Daily / Sept. 2007

Squid find a first for fisherman
The Marlborough Expressl / Aug. 2007

Giant Squid Caught off Italian Coast
United Press International / Aug. 2007

Historic haul a giant dish of calimari
The News-Press / Aug. 2007

Giant Squid Invade California Waters
Sydney Morning Herald / July 2007

Photo in the News: Giant Squid Captured, Filmed for First Time
National Geographic News / Dec. 2006

Giant Squid Video
Reuters / Dec. 2006

Hundreds of giant squid wash up dead on beach in Washington state
Seattle Times / Oct. 2004

A sucker from a giant squid.