You see color from afar, pattern nearby.   - Nuosu proverb 
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Silver and the moon: 
For Nuosu people, gold is associated with the sun, and silver with the moon; since silver is much more common and less expensive, it plays a more prominent role in material and spiritual culture.

Adornment and wealth: 
Nuosu people love silver jewelry and vessels; both men and women wear earrings and finger rings, and serving a guest out of a silver drinking vessel is a great honor.   Silver jewelry also displays the wearer's family's wealth.

Family traditions: 
Silversmithing is one of the most honored professions of the Nuosu; some clans have a tradition of over 10 generations of smiths. In addition to silver, smiths can also work in gold, copper, brass, and often steel. They also make most of their own tools.

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