The Skidegate Community

Video: Captain Gold

Captain Gold (Richard Wilson) talks about his names and the first two men who held the name Captain Gold.

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  • Captain Gold (Richard Wilson)
  • Niis Wes (Ernie Wilson) and Percy Williams
  • Barbara Wilson
  • Kwiaahwah Jones

The village of Skidegate (hlgaagilda 'llnagaay) is the home of the Haida people who trace their ancestry to several ancient Haida villages in the southern region of Haida Gwaii.

Some of the 743 residents are the descendants of the artists who carved the model houses in 1892 and the people who lived in the original full-sized cedar plank houses in the 19th century. They share a great pride in their culture and are also proud of the new Haida Heritage Centre at Kaay 'llnagaay, which was recently awarded the Tourism Conservation award by the Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia.

It recognizes an Aboriginal tourism enterprise that is committed to preserving the natural environment and traditional lands through education, sharing and commitment to community. This $26 million Centre is a series of longhouses connected by interior walkways and fronted with six traditional totem poles representing each of the 14 clans.

Many members of the Skidegate community are working together with the Haida Gwaii Museum at Kaay 'llnagaay and Robin Wright to plan the return of the Skidegate model Haida village in 2011. Here they share their thoughts about the project with you.

This is a collaborative project with the Burke Museum's Bill Holm Center, The Haida Gwaii Museum at Kaay 'llnagaay, and The Field Museum in Chicago. Research is funded by the UW Royalty Research Fund, a Canadian Embassy Senior Fellowship, a National Endowment for the Humanities Exhibit Planning Grant, and the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Washington.

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