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The Burke Museum is governed by the University of Washington Board of Regents and administered by the College of Arts and Sciences

Executive Director
Dr. Julie K. Stein

Julie K. Stein photoDr. Julie K. Stein has served as the Burke Museum’s executive director since 2005. Previously she served as the museum’s curator of archaeology. She also maintains a professor position in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington.

Dr. Stein received MA and PhD degrees from the University of Minnesota. Her research expertise includes geoarchaeology and coastal adaptations of prehistoric peoples, particularly in the Northwest Coast. 

Dr. Stein’s curriculum vitae (PDF)

Executive Leadership

Contact information for all Burke staff is available in the staff directory.

Executive Staff
  • Julie K. Stein, Executive Director
  • Brian Carter, Director of Interpretation
  • Alaina Fuld, Director of External Affairs
  • Tara McCauley, Director of Education
  • Anna O’Donnell, Director of Development
  • Christian Sidor, Associate Director of Research & Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
  • Hally Swift, Director of Finance & Operations
  • Eldon Tam, New Burke Project Manager
Culture Curators
  • Archaeology: Peter Lape
  • Native American Anthropology: Sven Haakanson
  • Native American Art: Robin K. Wright
  • Oceanic and Asian Culture: Holly Barker
Biology Curators
  • Botany and the Herbarium (WTU): Richard Olmstead
  • Genetic Resources and Herpetology: Adam Leaché
  • Ichthyology: Vacant
  • Mammalogy: Sharlene Santana
  • Ornithology: John Klicka
Paleontology + Geology Curators
  • Invertebrate Paleontology and Micropaleontology: Elizabeth Nesbitt
  • Paleobotany: Caroline Strömberg
  • Vertebrate Paleontology: Christian Sidor

The Burke Museum Association (BMA) actively supports the museum by increasing public visibility, raising funds, and providing strong ties to the community. The BMA is a separate 501(c)(3). For more information about the BMA, email burkeadm@uw.edu

John Kincaid photo

John Kincaid


Community Volunteer

Ron Irving photo

Ron Irving


University of Washington

John Howell photo

John Howell


Cedar River Group

Chris Hurley photo

Chris Hurley


Community Volunteer


Gregory Blume

Co-Chair, Campaign for the New Burke

The Blume Company

Mary Dunnam photo

Mary Dunnam

Co-Chair, Campaign for the New Burke

Community Volunteer


Ellen Ferguson

Co-Chair, Campaign for the New Burke

Community Volunteer

Rex Buck, Jr. photo

Rex Buck, Jr.

Wanapum Heritage Center, Wanapum Tribe

Alicechandra Fritz photo

Alicechandra Fritz

Deloitte Consulting

Elise Hebb

Elise Hebb

Madrona Venture Group


Sydnie Heberling

Silver Creek Capital Management

Hunter Jeffers photo

Hunter Jeffers

Mills Myers Swartling

Edgar Marcuse photo

Edgar Marcuse

Community Volunteer

Doug McTavish photo

Doug McTavish

Community Volunteer


Lisa Plath

Community Volunteer

John Pohl photo

John Pohl

Triple Creek Development

Brent Reys photos

Brent Reys

BNY Mellon Wealth Management


Jennifer Schubert

City of Seattle

Spencer F. F. Smith photo

Spencer F. F. Smith


Spencer G. Smith photo

Spencer G. Smith

Community Volunteer

Tom Waldron photo

Tom Waldron


Steve Whiston photo

Steve Whiston

The Boeing Company

Rebecca Wilson photo

Rebecca Wilson

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart


Melissa Yeager

Cardeas Pharma

Erin Younger photo

Erin Younger

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

State of Washington
University of Washington
Burke Museum Association Advisory Council
  • Patricia Baillargeon
  • Hugh Bangasser
  • Leonard Forsman
  • Mike Garvey
  • Marie Halverson
  • Mark Hewitt
  • Janet Creighton
  • Joyce McCallum
  • Heather Nason
  • Eleanor Nolan
  • Darcy Paschino
  • John Price
  • Alan Rabinowitz
  • Virginia Schafer
  • Bill Stafford
  • Susie Stoller
  • David Towne
  • Bob Wiley
Advisory Boards

The Burke Museum is also guided by its advisory boards.

Native American Advisory Board

The role of Native American Advisory Board members is to provide advice and direction within indigenous efforts that focus on a number of important areas, including exhibits, collections policy, outreach, repatriation and collaborative tribal and museum programs. Its advisors focus on Native American tribes in the Northwest; are involved with museums and cultural center experiences; and/or are cultural heritage specialists. For more information, contact Julie Stein at jkstein@uw.edu or Richelle Dickerson at burkeadm@uw.edu.


Burke Student Ambassadors

The Burke Student Ambassadors serve as an avenue for communication between the Burke Museum and the UW student body. Applications from UW undergraduate students are accepted in the fall each year. For more information, contact Samantha Porter, Volunteer Program Manager, at seporter@uw.edu or 206.543.3989. 

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