Mammals of Washington

Welcome to this special area of Burke Mammalogy's website, where you can explore the biodiversity of Washington's mammals. All species in the state are found on our checklist, and you can click on each name for an account of its natural history, geographic distribution, and further information.

Counting Washington's Mammal Species

  • 141 species total (includes 9 introduced)
  • 132 native species (27 are marine; 15 are flying, bats)
  • 90 species of native, land mammals

Sharlene Santana, Curator of Mammals and Professor of Biology

Orders of Mammals in Washington
Didelphimorphia (Opossums)
Lagomorpha (Hares, rabbits, and pikas)
Carnivora (Carnivores)
Primates (Humans)
Soricomorpha (Shrews and moles)
Artiodactyla (Split-hooved mammals)
Rodentia (Rodents)
Chiroptera (Bats)
Cetacea (Porpoises, dolphins, and whales)

Last updated October 29, 2013.


Maps of geographic distribution within Washington in our individual species accounts are taken from "Terrestrial Mammals of Washington State, a Washington Gap Analysis Project," by R. E. Johnson and K. M. Cassidy (1997) .  Maps of geographic distribution in North America are taken from "Land Mammals of Oregon," by B. J. Verts and L. N. Carraway (1998), University of California Press  Many of the links to species accounts are to the Animal Diversity Web of the University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology.

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