Malacology Collections

The Burke’s Malacology Collection began in the 1890s and today is estimated to include approximately 250,000 specimens (learn more about the history of the collection). For a description of notable sub-collections, see below.

Collection Highlights:

  • Marine mollusc shells from the Indo-Pacific 
  • Marine mollusc shells from the Pacific Northwest
  • Terrestrial and freshwater snails and clams from Washington

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We are still in the process of digitizing the Malacology Collection. Search the collection database.

Collection Details

Brightly-colored shell specimens in individual boxes with identification labels
Photo: Burke Museum
Phil and Sandra Nudelman collection

Estimated at 100,000 specimens from worldwide localities (learn more about the Nudelman collection).


shells in the trevor kincaid collection
Photo: Burke Museum
Trevor Kincaid collection

More than 300 specimens from Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska.

Malacology placeholder image
Mary Olney collection

Several hundred specimens collected in the late 1800s.

Malacology placeholder image
Kenneth and Lorraine Rhein collection

More than 3,700 lots collected from Guam from 1961 to 1990.

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