Herpetology Collections

The Herpetological Collection at the Burke Museum contains more than 9,000 specimens of amphibians and reptiles. The collection is particularly strong in amphibians and garter snakes from the Pacific Northwest.

More than 2,200 specimens are forest-dwelling amphibians from Western Washington obtained during wildlife studies in the 1980s and early 1990s. About 900 are garter snakes collected by William Hebard during the mid-1900s. The remainder of the specimens is from recent collecting expeditions in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Ghana where herpetology staff and students have active research programs.

The collection consists largely of alcohol-preserved specimens with a small number of photographs and skeletons (~150). Tissue samples are available for all specimens collected since 2010 in the Burke’s Genetic Resource Collection.

Herpetology collections are accessible through the Arctos website. To search Burke specimens only, select “Amphibian and reptile specimens” under “Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture (UWBM)” in the drop-down menu for Collection.

Collections-Related Services

For more information about specimen loans or visiting the collections, see the Services and Policies page.

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