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Object #2.5E536
Object nameModel Totem Pole, Chief Skulka's
Culture of OriginKaigani Haida, Howkan
MaterialsRed Cedar
TechniquesCarved, Painted
DimensionsH: 185.4 cm, W: 33.0 cm, D: 20.3 cm
Exhibit LabelThis model pole is remarkable in its very close resemblance to the original full-sized pole from Howkan, Alaska. Most miniature poles are copies only in that they represent the same figures as the originals, but are otherwise carved in the modelmaker's own style. Perhaps this model was made by the carver of Chief Skulka's pole from Howkan. The name "Skulka" is painted in large letters across the base. (Holm, Spirit and Ancestor, 1987)
SourceDr. R. Pierce Beaver

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