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Object #2006-86/577
Object nameHuipil, Skirt, Posahuanco, Hair Tie, Girl's
Culture of OriginCoastal Mixteca, Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca State, Mexico
MaterialsCotton Cloth, White, Ribbon, Blue, Cotton Cloth, Thread, Purple, Red, Dark Blue, Pink, Dyed, Purpura, Indigo Dye?, Wool, Black, Thread, Dark Blue, Yellow, Red, Light Green
TechniquesFour Selvedge Cloth, Twill Weave, Braided, Sewn, Chain Stitch, Supplementary Weft, Brocade, Embroidered, Plain Weave, Rib Weave
DimensionsL: 26 x 48 x 46 in, W: 27 x 31 in
SourceMs. Leslie Grace
CreditLeslie Grace Collection

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