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Object #2004-2/417
Object nameRaven's Tail Robe
Culture of OriginHaida, Tsimshian
Maker or ArtistMarie Oldfield, William White
MaterialsWool, Black, White, Yellow, Fur, Sea Otter, Silver
TechniquesRaven's Tail Weaving
DimensionsL: 41 x 52 in, W: 57 x 74 in
Exhibit Label"In the Spirit of the Ancestors"-This robe was worn by Haida artist Reg Davidson at a potlatch he hosted in Old Massett, B.C. in February 2002. The designs on the central panel are called "tattoo" designs, after a traditional pattern that was tattooed onto the backs of Tlingit noble women's hands. Davidson's robe was inspired by an old robe documented in a sketch made by Pavel Mikhailov on a voyage to the Northwest Coast in 1827.
SourceMr. Arthur B. Steinman
CreditGift of Arthur B. Steinman

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