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Object #2003-55/1
Object nameBlanket, Hinggi, Man's
Culture of OriginEast Sumba
MaterialsCotton Cloth, Dye, Indigo, Red, Brown
TechniquesPlain Weave, Warp Faced, Warp Ikat, Warp to Weft Band Weave, Dyed, Handspun
Exhibit LabelMan's Cloth. Hinggi. Sumbanese ikat cloth has been a trade good throughout Asia for over a thousand years. The cloth is made by women using motifs provided by men and is given to husbands by brides' families. Men wear hinggi either around the waist or draped over the shoulder during important ceremonies. Hinggi are also used to wrap corpses after death. In the past, important people would have been wrapped in over 100 cloths, although fewer are used today. The cloth contains the spirit on its journey to the spirit world and eventually the spirit passes through the cloth to join the world of ancestors.
DimensionsL: 130 in, W: 53 in
SourceMuseum Expedition - Anthropology Division

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