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Object #1998-83/181
Object nameCollar, Woman's
Culture of OriginVazha clan, Shynra, Nuosu, Yi
Maker or ArtistVazha Vuga
MaterialsWool, Dark Blue, Cotton, Black, Embroidery, Green, Red, Purple, Orange, Blue, Pink
DimensionsL: 35.0 cm, H: 5.5 cm
Exhibit LabelThe long blue jacket is more highly decorated than the man's jacket from the same region, but has the same style of buttons. Properly, a woman's jacket should have seven buttons and a man's, nine.
The round, flat-topped hat (supported by a bamboo frame) has now been mostly replaced by a variation on the Chinese worker's cap.
SourceMuseum Expedition - Anthropology Division
CreditGift of the Blakemore Foundation

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