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Object #1998-83/38
Object nameShirt, Funeral, Woman's
Culture of OriginSsegge clan, Yynuo, Nuosu, Yi
Maker or ArtistSseggemo Qugo
DimensionsL: 89.0 cm, W: 193.0 x 73.0 cm
Exhibit LabelFor Nuosu people, death of an old person is part of the cycle of life. Cremation enables the soul of the dead to return to the holy land of the ancestors.
When people reach middle age, they prepare a set of good clothes - in white, blue or black - for their own eventual funeral.
A man's body is laid on his left side on a pyre with nine layers of pine or fir wood. A woman's body (shown here) is laid on her right side on a seven-layer pyre. Her ashes will be deposited in a mountain place maintained for that purpose by her clan.
As the bimo (priest) says:
People die like the bamboo,
The old stems fall as the new shoots come up.
SourceMuseum Expedition - Anthropology Division
CreditGift of the Blakemore Foundation

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