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Object #1998-83/9
Object nameSkirt, Woman's
Culture of OriginLoho clan, Shynra, Nuosu, Yi
Maker or ArtistLoho Ajy
MaterialsCotton Cloth, Black, Blue, Red, Floral
DimensionsW: 44.0 x 1200.0 cm, L: 97.0 cm
Exhibit LabelNuosu clothing - although unique - reflects some outside influences. Nuosu governors appointed during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) absorbed the culture of the Manchu and Han Chinese elite. Today, northern Nuosu people still wear styles that have nearly disappeared from Chinese wardrobes of the 20th century.
This outfit is such a relic. The inner-outer jacket set with front opening is an old Chinese style. The floral-embroidered strips are Chinese, but are placed in a Nuosu pattern at the corners of the outer jacket. Nuosu applique decorates the slits.
SourceMuseum Expedition - Anthropology Division
CreditGift of the Blakemore Foundation

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