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The following resources were funded by and developed through the Bill Holm Center. To learn more about the in-person work of the Bill Holm Center, visit the Grants page or the Projects page or reference all Bill Holm Center content on the Burke blog.

Search the Burke’s Culture Collection
Search or browse for Pacific Northwest Native art at the Burke through the Ethnology Collection database. Photographs of most ethnological objects and over 5,000 photos from our ethnological archive collections are accessible online. The database also includes images of art from other museum collections. Archaeological artifacts and records are available by filtering for "Archaeology" in the Burke Museum Collections Database.

Explore the Culture Department
Find out more about the offerings and services of the Culture Department, which includes the Bill Holm Center.

Ed Carriere woven basket

The Contemporary Cultural Collection at the Burke Museum includes objects dating from the late 1700s to the present.

contemporary carved comb

An introduction to the art of the First Peoples of western Washington and southwestern British Columbia who speak the Coast Salish languages.

Historic photo of William Shelton working on a totem pole

A story of cultural survival, from the ancient villages to the time of cultural disruption, to the enduring power of totem poles today.

From Other Organizations
Reciprocal Research Network (RRN)

The RRN is an online research database of Indigenous Northwest Coast cultural items held in 24 institutions, including the Burke Museum. Visit their website.

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