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The Bill Holm Center offers research grants to Native artists and other researchers as well as University of Washington graduate students who are interested in Northwest Native Art. Applications are reviewed by the Bill Holm Center advisory board and awarded once a year in the spring. 

Would you like to help fund these grants? We welcome your online gifts or you may call us to discuss further ways you could support the center (contact information is available on the People and Contact page).

Grant Opportunities

The 2019 Bill Holm Center grant cycle is now open. Applications are for grants to be carried out from July 1, 2019 through January 31, 2020. Applications are due May 15, 2019.

Collections Availability Notice: The Burke Museum has moved to a brand new facility! As we unpack, research visits to the main Burke campus cultural collections are available beginning in October 2019. To continue providing opportunities and collections access until then we have the following grant options.

NEW Artist Family Fellowship Grants

The Artist Family Fellowship is intended to support travel, study, production, and teaching. The term "artist family" refers to participants who are not necessarily related by blood, but related through their shared artistic goals and creative practices. This fellowship will support group travel for 3-6 people to another cultural institution in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho with significant collections in the area of study designated by the artist family. Bill Holm Center staff will accompany the group to provide support and guidance. This fellowship also includes funding for documentation, public and/or community presentations, and funds for the Burke Museum to purchase new artworks from participants for the Burke Museum permanent collection.

Mentor-Apprenticeship Grants

The Mentor-Apprenticeship Grant provides funding to support mentor artists in the transference of cultural and artistic knowledge with apprentices. Applications are encouraged from Native artists in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho interested and qualified to mentor an apprentice of their choosing in Indigenous arts.

Workshop Grants

Workshop Grants are intended to provide funds for artists, communities, or arts organizations to host workshops offsite in a local community. These grants support projects that involve or benefit the community and address understanding and creation of Native arts. Applications are encouraged from Native artists in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Visiting Researcher Grants (beginning fall 2019)

The Visiting Artist/Researcher Grant program provides funds for artists/researchers to travel to the Burke Museum after the opening of the new facility in fall 2019. Proposals from artist/researchers whose projects would benefit from the study of the Northwest Coast and Plateau collections are encouraged. If needed, Bill Holm Center staff will help researchers and artists identify which collections are best suited to provide the resources appropriate for their interests. Applicants are encouraged to review the Burke's online collections database before applying and indicate in their applications where they plan to study.  Limited availability depending on collections access as we unpack and move into the new facility.   

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