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The Bill Holm Center offers research grants to Native artists and other researchers as well as University of Washington graduate students who are interested in Northwest Native Art. Applications are reviewed by the Bill Holm Center advisory board and awarded once a year in the spring. 

The Bill Holm Center’s Connections to Culture grant program is funded in part by support from the Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies. Connections to Culture has significantly increased the Bill Holm Center's capacity to support artists and arts organizations.

Would you like to help fund these grants? We welcome your online gifts or you may call us to discuss further ways you could support the center (contact information is available on the People and Contact page).

Grant Opportunities

The 2017-18 Bill Holm Center grant cycle is now closed. 

Please contact the BHC at if you have any questions.

Visiting Artist/Researcher Grant

The Visiting Artist/Researcher Grant program provides funds for artists/researchers to travel to the Burke Museum. Proposals from artist/researchers whose projects would benefit from the study of the Northwest Coast and Plateau collections are encouraged. If needed, Bill Holm Center staff will help researchers and artists identify which collections are the best suited to provide the resources appropriate for their interests. Grants will be awarded for a period of 1-3 days of research time plus 2 travel days. Grant awards include a per diem to cover meals plus travel costs.

Search the collections database. Browse a selection of objects in the Northwest Coast and Plateau collections, search baskets or search all objects in the Burke Museum Culture Collection.

Collections-Based Workshops Grant

The Collections-Based Workshops Grants are intended to provide funds for artists, communities, or arts organizations to host multi-day workshops onsite* at the Burke Museum or offsite at a local community. These grants support projects that involve or benefit the community and address understanding and creation of Indigenous arts of the greater Pacific Northwest. Proposals that include opportunities for inter-generational knowledge sharing are encouraged.

  1.  Onsite & Offsite: A workshop held at the Burke Museum based on objects in the  collections. Workshop leaders bring their group to the museum to study objects in collections and lead a hands-on session of teaching particular artform. A follow-up workshop held in the local community based on sharing the information learned at the Burke Museum. 
  2. Offsite: Workshops held in a local community with the possibility to have Burke collections objects at your workshop.

The Bill Holm Center will cover all costs of workshops, including travel, lodging, per diem for participants, and venue costs. A budget for onsite and/or offsite materials and an instructor fee should be submitted. The workshop budgets can request support for a range of funding from $1,000-$10,000. You may apply for smaller grants or you may use this as a partial funding for a project with a larger budget that has funding from other sources.

*Due to the limited availability of our collections, onsite workshops at the Burke will not be required for Collections-Based Workshops for this grant cycle and requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Offsite workshops are encouraged during this transition period. 

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