Arachnology And Entomology

Arachnology + Entomology Services and Policies

As the Washington State Museum of Natural History and Culture, the Burke Museum offers the following public services through the Arachnology & Entomology Collection.  If you don’t find a service or policy you’re looking for, contact Rod Crawford on the People and Contact page.

For detailed spider collection curation procedures and policies, see Spider Curation Procedures (PDF).

Specimen Loans

Specimens from the Arachnology and Entomology Collections are available on short-term loan for scholarly research on request to researchers with institutional affiliation. Loans to unaffiliated individuals are only made in exceptional circumstances, and loans are not made to artists or photographers. For more information, contact Rod Crawford on the People and Contact page and explain your project, affiliation and what you would like to borrow.

Visiting the Collections

Visits to the Arachnology and Entomology Collections may be arranged for qualified researchers, artists and scientific illustrators, and other members of the general public. For more information, contact Rod Crawford on the People and Contact page.

Spider and Insect Identification and Questions

We will attempt to identify single arachnid or insect specimens from the Pacific Northwest on request.

  • Be sure to state where on the planet your specimen was found! No ID is ever possible without geographic location, and our staff has little familiarity with fauna not from the Pacific Northwest.
  • Actual specimens are preferred. Photos can't always be identified; small, low resolution photos or verbal descriptions, rarely.
  • Any spider that bit someone must be examined directly, even if smashed. Don't throw it away!
  • We consider identifying single specimens a public service, but if you have large numbers of specimens, there may be a charge.

For questions about a specimen or to arrange identification of a spider or insect, contact Rod Crawford on the People and Contact page or use the online identification/question form.


Specimen Donation

Specimens or collections of Arachnida, Myriapoda, Isopoda, or Lepidoptera can be donated, provided they meet staff research needs and have complete data. No material will be accepted that lacks detailed information on the geographic location where each specimen was collected. Other data such as collection date, habitat, and collector's name is very desirable. Contact us if you are interested in donating anything with details of what is involved, as many other factors determine whether we can accept a given donation. For more information, contact one of the curatorial associates on the People and Contact page.

Volunteer Opportunities

For information about current Arachnology & Entomology volunteer opportunities, visit the volunteering at the Burke page.

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