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From the Burke

The resources on this page are designed for research, reference and use by the public, interested amateurs and professional colleagues.


Nearly all of the widespread assumptions and "general knowledge" about spiders is false!


Additional information and links relating to Spider Myths. 

From Other Organizations
Scarabs: The Bug Society

The Scarabs is the Seattle area's club for insect and arachnid enthusiasts. Membership is open to all. Visit their website.


The Internet's leading resource of accurately identified North American insect and arachnid photos. Visit their website.

American Arachnological Society

The largest organization of professional arachnologists. Visit their website.

Washington Spider Checklist

A Burke Museum publication, now getting out of date but still useful. Visit the website.

American Tarantula Society

Leading organization of "tarantula" (theraphosid spider) hobbyists. Visit their website.

British Arachnological Society

Inquirers about U.K. spiders might want to consult their local organization rather than someone 4,770 miles away. Visit their website.

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