Burke educators share real museum objects with classrooms and communities across the state

In this special traveling program, Burke educators share real museum objects with classrooms across the state, where students participate in hands-on, standards-based investigations of cultures and the natural world.

BurkeMobile brings Native American objects, real fossils, mammal skulls and museum-prepared birds to your classroom, gymnasium, library, or community center! BurkeMobile programs augment classroom curriculum, stimulate curiosity, model new ways to learn and create “wow” moments your students will never forget.

Choose from Earth science, life science, or arts and cultural heritage programs. BurkeMobile can be adapted for single or multiple classrooms, or even for the whole school!

boy holding fossil as part of BurkeMobile program

Hands-on encounters with real museum objects are all part of the BurkeMobile experience!

family with cultural object from BurkeMobile program

Flexible enough for small classrooms or large community gatherings, BurkeMobile can be customized to suit your needs.

BurkeMobile students examine beadwork

Choose the theme that works best for your group. Programs focus on different aspects of culture, nature and science.

Burke educator with students

Trained Burke educators know just what it takes to get students engaged and excited about new topics.


BurkeMobile is available in half, full or multi-day experiences and suitable for classrooms, schools, gymnasiums, community centers and more. Every BurkeMobile experience includes real museum objects and Burke educators to facilitate activities.

Classroom Lesson

Students become experts on a specific topic by using real museum objects to discover more about the life around them.

Best suited for: Individual classrooms or multiple classrooms
Age/grade: Pre-K – Grade 8

Lesson topics:

Grades Pre-K through 2nd:

  • Storytellers (Native American Cultures of the Northwest)
  • Dinosaurs

Grades 3rd through 5th:

  • Living Traditions (Native American Cultures of the Northwest)
  • Comparative Anatomy
  • Ecosystems

Grades 6th through 8th:

  • Archaeology
  • Living Traditions (Native American Cultures of the Northwest)
  • Ecosystems
Mini Museum

Let us transform your space into a miniature museum! Museum educators will bring a range of objects, specimens and artifacts from the museum for hands-on exploration.
Best suited for: Whole schools, multiple grades or classrooms, community organizations or groups
Age/grade: All Ages

To Help You Plan

BurkeMobile reservations are required at least two weeks in advance. BurkeMobile programs can be arranged online, by email (burked@uw.edu) or by phone (206.543.5591).


Classroom Lessons—$350, plus additional fees for travel.
Mini Museum—$625-$1,550 depending on location and scope.


If you have any additional questions, please contact the Education Department:
Phone: 206.543.5591
Email: burked@uw.edu

“My students enjoyed handling the artifacts... Many of them do not have the opportunity to visit museums so it was a unique and eye-opening experience.”

–Seventh-grade teacher

“As a teacher I will use this experience as a springboard for writing/science/social studies all year long. It enabled my students to all have a common shared experience on which to build future learning.”

–Second-grade teacher

Program Support

The “Living Traditions” BurkeMobile program was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture. 

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