Burke Box Rental Information

Bring the Burke Museum to you with Burke Boxes!


Pricing: A one-week Burke Box rental is $50, $60 for two weeks, and $20 for each additional week. Please note: Pricing for Burke Backpacks is structured differently from other Burke Boxes. Please see the Backpacks listing for pricing.

Shipping: Shipping costs for outside of King County are an additional $30 and does not include return shipping.

Payment can be made online through our webform or in person via credit card, check, or purchase order no later than the last date of the rental period.

Scholarships & Cost Assistance

Our generous donors make it possible for us to offer cost assistance to schools and programs across the state. To apply for cost assistance please fill out our cost assistance request form to see if you qualify.

Picking Up and Returning Boxes
Picking up Boxes

Burke Boxes can now be picked up on the start date of your rental from the new Burke Museum loading dock during business hours (8 am – 4 pm), Monday through Friday. The New Burke facility is located to the west of the former facility and can be accessed through the turnaround on Memorial Way NE near the main entrance to UW. Please use caution while crossing the temporary gravel pathway. 

More detailed information will be provided to customers via email as we transition to our new building. If you have questions or concerns about your ability to retrieve or drop off your Burke Box, please call us at 206.543.5591.

Burke Boxes should be returned to the new Burke Museum loading dock by 4 pm on the last day of the rental period. Please check that all materials are in the box and packaged properly before returning; you are responsible for any lost or damaged items.

Please call us at 206.543.5591 or email burked@uw.edu if you are unable to return your box on time for any reason. Please note that we have a late fee of $10 per day per Burke Box.


Burke Boxes can be mailed outside of King County for an additional $30 per box. This fee does not include return shipping; mailing all Burke Boxes back to the Burke Museum is the responsibility of the renter. Cost assistance and scholarships cannot be applied to shipping costs. Burke Boxes should be mailed for return no later than the last day of the rental period.

Changes and Cancellations

If you are unable to pick-up or return a Burke Box on the scheduled date, or need to change or cancel a reservation, please call the Education office at 206.543.5591. Cancellations must be made a minimum of two weeks before the scheduled ship or pick-up date. Cancellations made with less than two weeks’ notice will be charged the full rental fee.

Terms & Conditions

Please review the Burke Box Terms and Conditions (PDF) for more information.


For questions, please contact us at 206.543.5591 or burked@uw.edu.

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