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Providing high-quality science and cultural learning experiences across Washington state

The Burke is the place to indulge your curiosity and connect with the people and museum collections that bring learning to life. Every year, all year, Burke education programs inspire teachers, students and families with unique, hands-on learning experiences that highlight the rich cultural and natural heritage of Washington state. 

girl trying out a drum

A girl tries out a handmade drum as part of an educational program about living cultures.

boy tries out a spindle whorl in museum gallery

With programs designed for a range of ages, Burke Education encourages life-long learning.
Photo: Dennis Wise

canoe model and fishing tools

The Burke's educational programs emphasize hands-on learning and encounters with real cultural artifacts and natural specimens. 
Photo: Richard Brown Photography

students examine a mammal skull

Sixth graders in Forks, Washington, examine a bear skull as part of a BurkeMobile lesson about life sciences.

educator demonstrates fishing techniques for students

Traveling throughout the state of Washington, trained Burke educators bring learning to life.

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