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The University of Washington Herbarium (also known as WTU) is an international resource for research into the diversity, distribution and ecology of Pacific Northwest vascular plants, non-vascular plants, fungi, lichen, and algae.

With over 600,000 specimens currently in the collections and between 5,000-10,000 specimens added annually, WTU is one of the largest herbaria in the region. A history of WTU can be found here.

The Herbarium has an active loan and exchange program, and is open to the public. For information about loans or visiting WTU, contact the Collections Manager.

Support from the National Science Foundation's Biological Research Collections program (2003-2007) led to our databasing over 120,00 Pacific Northwest vascular plant specimens, which are available through our online database. This funding also supported creation of the Consortium of Pacific Northwest Herbaria website, which provides access to specimen data and digital resources from throughout the region.

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volunteer in the field
Herbarium volunteer Fred Weinmann pressing Nuphar polysepala (spatterdock) on the Herbarium Foray to the Okanogan National Forest
Photo by Richard G. Olmstead

Featured at the UW Herbarium

San Juan Islands Plants

A tool for mapping the distributions of vascular plant species in the San Juan Islands.

WTU Collections Map

A map of Washington state showing all vascular plant specimen localities in the WTU Database.

WTU Image Collection

Photos, distribution maps, and descriptions for Washington's vascular plants and lichens.

Washington Flora Checklist

A working checklist of the vascular plants of Washington State.

PNW Herbaria Portal

A search portal providing access to collections held by herbaria throughout the region.

Washington Weed Mapping

An interactive mapping tool that displays ranges of weeds and invasive plants in the state.

Maps & Lists

Access WTU's online resources for Washington State.

Featured Fungi

Learn about of the fungi of the Puget Sound Basin.

Flora of the PNW

WTU is producing an updated Flora of the Pacific Northwest.