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Collections tell the story of life on earth. From the tiniest sea creatures to the mammals that roamed the grasslands of North America millions of years ago, collections provide evidence of the life before us. But natural and cultural history is not just about the past. It is the study of the world around us—the life right in front of us. Every discovery sheds new light on the past, and helps us better predict the future.

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Explore Your World
Interactive map of Burke research.

View Burke Museum publications.

Meet Seattle's spider expert, and test your "Spider IQ."

Preserving the record of past human history.

Native American art and artifacts. Cultural heritage comes alive.

Genetic Resources
Frozen tissue specimens from birds and mammals aid researchers.

Gems and crystals are on display in the galleries.

Collections focus on Pacific Northwest plants, fungi, lichens, and algae.

Field guides to reptiles and amphibians of Washington.

The Burke Museum Fish Collection at the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences.

Malacology is the study of the Mollusca (mollusks or molluscs).

Online guide to the mammals of Washington. Plus, learn what mammalogists do.

Bird collections inspire scientific discoveries.

Dinosaurs and other fossils tell the story of past life forms.

Field Guides
Your portal to natural and cultural history of Washington.