I Dig Dinos

Sunday, April 30, 2017
Sunday, May 28, 2017
11 AM — 2 PM

Included with museum admission; FREE for Burke members, w/UW ID, and children 4 & under

Photo: Rachel Crick Photography

Bring your budding paleontologist to the Burke for monthly fossilized fun. Enjoy three prehistoric stations every month ranging from touching real fossils, making discoveries in the dino dig pit, solving dinosaur mysteries, dino dress-up and more. Activities and themes change monthly so there’s always something new! Please note: the Dino Dig Pit is out certain months, see below for when it will be available.

This month, learn about how and where dinosaurs lived as we explore their environments. Create a volcano hat and a 3D paper tree, touch prehistoric plant fossils, and take a tour around the UW campus to find plants in our own backyard that were around during the Age of Dinosaurs.

I Dig Dinos is open to everyone but is geared toward ages 3-7. 

Parking is free in UW parking lots on Sundays, including the N5 parking lot closest to the Burke Museum. Plan your visit.

Upcoming I Dig Dinos themes
  • April 30: Dino Environments (no Dig Pit this month)
  • May 28: Undersea Adventures (w/Dig Pit!)
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