Woodhouse's Toad

October 23, 2015
Heidi Rockney and Karen Wu
Woodhouse's Toad

Woodhouse's Toad 

Photo: Netta Smith

Name: Woodhouse's Toad (Anaxyrus woodhousii)
Order: Frogs (Anura)
Family: True Toads (Bufonidae)

What they look like

  • 6-12cm
  • Brown or gray with dark blotches and lots of bumps and large paratoid glands
  • Underside is yellow with tiny dark flecks
  • Light yellow or white strip down middle of back 

Where they live

  • View a map of where they live
  • Southwestern region of Washington state
  • Can be found in river valleys, meadows, grasslands, marshes on land
  • Prefer sandy soils so they can burrow down into ground during the day


  • Breeding season is March-July
  • Prefer wetlands as breeding sites
  • Eggs are laid in strings and attached to underwater plants in shallow areas
  • Tadpoles are black and live in groups, possibly to avoid predation

Cool Biology Facts

  • Are poisonous! They secrete a white toxin that can cause nausea, irregular heart beats and sometimes may cause death if ingested
  • Sound like a sheep when calling!
  • Actually walk or make short hops when moving about in land
Distribution Map

Map of Woodhouse's Toad distribution in Washington state. Learn more on the NatureMapping Foundation website

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