Spiders (Arachnida, Aranei) From Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands


Institute for Biological Problems of the North, Russian Academy of Sciences, Karl Marx Prospekt 24, Magadan, 685010, Russia

Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Profsoyuznaya Str., 123, Moscow, 117321, Russia

Zoological Museum of the Biological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Frunse Str. 11, Novosibirsk, 630091, Russia

Karl Marx Str. 25/6, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 693000, Russia

ABSTRACT.-- A check-list of spiders based on personal and literature data from Sakhalin and Kuril Islands is presented. Four hundred and three species have been found there. Distribution records within Sakhalin (districts) and the Kuril Islands are given. Dubious species recorded by Japanese authors (1924-1937) are listed separately with some comments. Twelve new synonyms, new combinations, and new nominations are proposed. Several previous misidentifications in the Far Eastern linyphiids are corrected.

The spider fauna of the Russian Far East has been one of the least explored in the ex-USSR, and the Sakhalin area (Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands) is the most poorly studied region with respect to spiders within the entire Far East. The first arachnological collections in this area were made only in the beginning of the 20th Century (Strand, 1907).

Until the mid-1980s, all information on the spider fauna of the Sakhalin Area was scattered in a few papers, mainly published by Japanese araneologists between 1924-1937 (Vishida, 1924; Peelle and Saito, 1932a, 1932b; Saito, 1932a, b, 1933, 1934, 1935a, b, c; Nakatsudi, 1937). References to all species were summarized in a Japanese check-list of spiders published by Yaginuma (1977).

Recently, several more works, with references to some species and genera from Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, have been issued, with pronounced participation of Russian authors: Dunin, 1984a, b; Eskov, 1988a, b, c, 1989, 1990, 1991a, b, c, d, 1992a; Eskov, Marusik 1991a, 1992a, b; Marusik, 1989; Tanasevitch, 1987, 1988, 1992; Mikhailov, 1990, 1991, 1992; Ono et al, 1990, etc.

The lack of a special publications on the entire spider fauna was caused by the absence of collections. Until recently, in the Zoological Institute of St. Petersburg only a small material (about 20 specimens), collected in the 1940s and housed in 1982, was available. The situation changed only since 1978, when A. M. Basarukin started intensive and extensive collections of arachnids on Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. This paper is mainly (90%) based on his material. Beside this, collections of the Zoological Museum of the Biological Institute, Novosibirsk, made in 1989, have been incorporated.

A summary of all the literature references and original data on the spiders of the Sakhalin Area is the main goal of this work. The results are shown in a check-list, with notes on the distribution of species within Sakhalin Area. Dubious and incorrect identification records are listed at the end of the check-list. The total number of species found amounts to 357.

Families are listed in the order accepted in the last spider catalogue published by Platnick (1989). All materials determined have been shared between the collections of the Zoological Institute of St. Petersburg, Zoological Museum of the Moscow State University, Moscow; the Biological Institute, Novosibirsk; and the Institute for Biological Problems of the North, Magadan.

We wish to thank our colleagues A. A. Zyuzin (Alma-Ata) for help in the identification of Lycosidae, and to A. A. Barkalov, V. V. Dubatolov, V. K. Zinchenko, V. G. Mordkovitch (Novosibirsk) and to S. I. Golovatch (Moscow) for their collections. We wish to thank particularly I. Lansbury, of the Hope Entomological Collections, Oxford (HECO), for the opportunity to restudy the types of Erigone prolata and Erigone sollers.

The following new synonyms, new combinations, and new nominations are proposed:

  1. Bathyphantes insulanus Holm, 1960 = B. castor Chamberlin, 1925 = B. pogonias Kulczynski, 1885, syn. n.

  2. Bathyphantes orientis Oi, 1960 = B. pusio Kulczynski, 1885 = B. gracilis (Blackwall, 1841), syn. n. All the above species seem to be color morphs of a single species, i.e., B. gracilis by priority.

  3. Ceratinopsis okhotensis Eskov, nom. n. pro Ceratinopsis orientalis Eskov, 1986 (preoccupied by C. orientalis Locket, 1982).

  4. The generic name Conothorax, established by Eskov & Marusik (1992a) to replace Conithorax Eskov, 1988 (preoccupied in Diptera), appears to be preoccupied as well. A new nomination, Connithorax Eskov, nom. n. pro Conithorax Eskov (preoccupied) is proposed herein.

  5. Erigone sollers O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873 = Walckenaeria vigilax (Blackwall, 1853), syn. n. The type of E. sollers (HECO: 649/45) has been revised.

  6. Holminaria obscura Eskov, 1991 = Erigone prolata O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873, syn. n., Holminaria prolata (O. Pickard-Cambridge), comb. n. The type of E. prolata (HECO: 644/32) has been revised.

  7. Hybauchenidium mongolensis Heimer, 1987 = Oedothorax mongolensis (Heimer), comb. n. The latter nomination has already been used by Eskov (1992b), but the new combination has not been formalized.

  8. The synonymy of Kaestneria anceps (Kulczynski, 1885) under K. pullata (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863), proposed by Kulczynski (1926), was not accepted by subsequent investigators (i.e., Ivie, 1969; Eskov, 1992c). However, we now prefer to support Kulczynski's (1926) synonymy, considering both species but as color morphs of a single species, i.e. B. pullata by priority.

  9. Labula chikunii Oi, 1980 = L. insularis (Saito, 1935), syn. n. Lepthyphantes insularis Saito has been transferred to Labula by Tanasevitch & Eskov (1987); Labula contortipes chikunii Oi was elevated to full species rank by Eskov (1992c).

  10. W. holmi (Millidge, 1984) is distinguished from W. karpinskii (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873) only by the shape of the terminal portion of the male palpal tibia's inner branch. Based on copious materials from Siberia and the Far East, numerous intermediate forms were recently found. So, we consider now W. holmi as a junior synonym of W. karpinskii, syn. n.


I. Family Uloboridae

    1. Octonoba yesoensis (Saito, 1934): Sakhalin: Dolinsk, Korsakov (Marusik, 1989).
    2. Uloborus walckenaerius Latreille, 1806: Sakhalin: Aniva.

II. Family Nesticidae

    3. Howaia brevipes (Yaginuma, 1970): Kunashir, Iturup.

III. Family Theridiidae

    4. Achaearanea riparia (Blackwall, 1834): Sakhalin: Dolinsk.
    5. Achaearanea tepidariorum (Koch, 1841): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk; Kunashir (Yaginuma, 1977).
    6. Achaearanea cf. tepidariorum (Koch, 1841): Sakhalin: Makarov, Kholmsk.
    7. Achaearanea sp.: Sakhalin: Makarov; Kunashir.
    8. Argyrodes saganus (Donitz & Strand, 1906) Sakhalin: Korsakov, Tomari, Uglegorsk; Kunashir (Marusik, 1989).
    9. Argyrodes sp.: Sakhalin: Aniva.
    10. Dipoena mustelina (Simon, 1889): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Korsakov, Okha, Poronaisk; Kunashir.
    11. Dipoena sp.: Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Tomari. Kunashir.
    12. Enoplognatha margarita Yaginuma, 1964: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Uglegorsk, Kholmsk (Marusik, 1989).
    13. Enoplognatha tecta (Keyserling, 1884): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Nogliki, Tomari, Uglegorsk, Kholmsk; Kunashir, Iturup, Paramushir, Shumshu (Marusik, 1989).
    14. Episinus kitazawai Yaginuma, 1958: Kunashir.
    15. Episinus sp.: Kunashir.
    16. Robertus lividus (Blackwall, 1836): Sakhalin: Okha; Paramushir, Shumshu.
    17. Robertus ungulatus Vogelsanger, 1944: Sakhalin: Aniva, Poronaisk.
    18. Steatoda albomaculata (De Geer, 1778): Sakhalin: Tymovsk.
    19. Steatoda bipunctata (Linnaeus, 1758): Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk, Smirnykh.
    20. Steatoda castanea (Clerck, 1758): Sakhalin: Aniva.
    21. Theridion bimaculatum (Linnaeus, 1758): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov; Kunashir (Saito, 1934, as T. nivalium).
    22. Theridion cf. lyricum Walckenaer, 1841: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski; Kunashir.
    23. Theridion montanum Emerton, 1882: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski.
    24. Theridion ohlerti Thorell, 1870: Sakhalin: Okha.
    25. Theridion rapulum Yaginuma, 1960: Sakhalin: Aniva; Kunashir.
    26. Theridion subadultum Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: Iturup (Bösenberg & Strand, 1906).
    27. Theridion cf. tincture (Walckenaer, 1802): Sakhalin: Aniva.
    28. Theridion varians Hahn, 1933: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha.
    29. Theridion yunohamense Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski; Kunashir.
    30. Theridion sp. 1: Kunashir
    31. Theridion sp. 2: Sakhalin: Aniva.
    32. Thymoites sp.: Sakhalin: Okha.
    33. Theridiidae gen. et sp.: Sakhalin: Kholmsk.

IV. Family Theridiosomatidae

    34. Theridiosoma epeiroides Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: Sakhalin: Tomari; Kunashir (Marusik, 1989).

V. Family Linyphiidae

    35. Agyneta beata (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1906): Sakhalin: Okha.
    36. Agyneta birulai (Kulczynski, 1908): Sakhalin: Okha.
    37. Agyneta nigra (Oi, 1960): Sakhalin: Dolinsk.
    38. Agyneta oilvacea (Emerton, 1882): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha, Tomari, Tymovsk (Eskov, 1992c).
    39. Agyneta similis (Kulczynski, 1926): Sakhalin: Okha, Dolinsk; Iturup, Paramushir (Eskov, 1992c).
    40. Agyneta trifurcata (Hippa & Oksala, 1985): Sakhalin: Okha.
    41. Allomengea dentisetis (Grube, 1861): Sakhalin: Aniva, Makarov; Kunashir, Iturup.
    42. Agyneta scopigera (Grube, 1859): Shumshu.
    43. Aprifrontalia mascula (Karsch, 1879): Sakhalin: Aniva.
    44. Asperthorax communis Oi, 1960: Sakhalin: Aniva, Nogliki, Tomari; Moneron; Kunashir, Iturup (Eskov, 1992c).
    45. Bathyphantes eumenis (Koch, 1879): Sakhalin: Makarov, Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    46. Bathyphantes gracilis (Blackwall, 1841): Sakhalin: Aniva (Eskov, 1992c).
    47. Bathyphantes gulkana Ivie, 1969: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Makarov, Okha, Tomari (Eskov, 1992c).
    48. Bathyphantes humilis (Koch, 1879): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Nogliki.
    49. Bathyphantes jeniseicus Eskov, 1879: Sakhalin: Tomari (Eskov, 1989, 1992c).
    50. Bathyphantes pogonias Kulczynski, 1885: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Nogliki, Okha, Smirnykh, Tomari; Kunashir, Iturup, Paramushir, Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    51. Bathyphantes setiger (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1894): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Okha, Tomari; Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    52. Polyphantes alticeps (Sundevall, 1829): Sakhalin: Aniva, Nogliki, Okha; Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    53. Centromerus pacificus Eskov & Marusik, 1992: Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c, as C. clarus; Eskov & Marusik, 1992b).
    54. Centromerus terrigenus Yaginuma, 1972: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Okha, Poronaisk, Tomari. Moneron. Iturup, Kunashir (Eskov & Marusik, 1992b).
    55. Centromerus sylvaticus (Blackwall, 1841): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Okha; Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c; Eskov & Marusik, 1992b).
    56. Ceraticelus orientalis Eskov, 1987: Sakhalin: Okha.
    57. Ceraticelus sibiricus Eskov, 1987: Sakhalin: Okha.
    58. Ceratinella brevis Wider, 1834: Sakhalin: Aniva.
    59. Ceratinella rosea Oliger, 1985: Sakhalin: Okha (Eskov, 1992c).
    60. Cnephalocotes obscurus (Blackwall, 1834): Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    61. Collinsia japonica (Oi, 1964): Sakhalin: Aniva, Makarov, Nogliki, Tomari; Iturup (Eskov, 1990, 1992c).
    62. Collinsia sakhalinensis Eskov, 1990: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Tomari; Iturup (Eskov, 1990, 1992c).
    63. Concavocephalus rubens Eskov, 1989: Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1989, 1992c).
    64. Dactylopisthes video (Chamberlin & Ivie, 1947): Sakhalin: Korsakov, Okha; Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    65. Dicymbium libidinosum (Kulczynski, 1926): Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    66. Diplocentria bidentata (Emerton, 1882): Sakhalin: Okha; Paramushir, Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    67. Diplocephalus subrostratus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873): Sakhalin: Makarov, Poronaisk; Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    68. Dismodicum alticeps Chamberlin & Ivie, 1947: Sakhalin: Poronaisk; Paramushir, Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c, as D. bifrons).
    69. Drapetisca socialis (Sundevall, 1832): Sakhalin: Aniva.
    70. Drepanotylus borealis Holm, 1945: Sakhalin: Nogliki.
    71. Eboria angulata Holm, 1963: Sakhalin: Okha (Eskov, 1992c).
    72. Entelecara sombra (Chamberlin & lvie, 1947): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Okha.
    73. Erigone arctica sibirica Kulczynski, 1908: Paramushir, Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    74. Erigone atra Blackwall, 1833: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Poronaisk, Tomari; Kunashir, Iturup, Paramushir (Eskov, 1992c).
    75. Erigone changchunensis Zhu & Wen, 1980: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Okha.
    76. Erigone dentigera O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1874: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski.
    77. Erigone hypoarctica Eskov, 1989: Sakhalin: Okha.
    78. Erigone simillima Keyserling, 1886: Sakhalin: Okha; Paramushir, Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    79. Erigonidium graminicola (Sundevall, 1829) Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Makarov, Okha, Tomari (Eskov, 1992c).
    80. Estrandia grandeva (Keyserling, 1886): Sakhalin: Okha (Eskov, 1992c).
    81. Floronia bucculenta (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva (Eskov, 1992c).
    82. Glyphesis asiaticus Eskov, 1989: Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    83. Gnathonarium dentatum (Wider, 1834): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha, Tomari; Moneron, Kunashir, Iturup, Paramushir (Eskov, 1992c).
    84. Gnathonarium suppositum (Kulczynski, 1885): Sakhalin: Okha; Shumshu, Paramushir (Eskov, 1992c).
    85. Gnathonarium taczanowskii (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873): Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    86. Gonatium hilare (Thorell, 1875): Sakhalin: Korsakov, Makarov (Eskov, 1992c).
    87. Gonatium nipponicum Millidoe, 1981: Sakhalin: Aniva, Smirnykh Kunashir, Iturup (Eskov, 1992c).
    88. Gonatium pacificum Eskov, 1986: Sakhalin: Nogliki.
    89. Gonatium rubens (Blackwall, 1833): Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Nogliki, Okha.
    90. Gongylidiellum vivum (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Kholmsk.
    91. Helophora insignis (Blackwall, 1841): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Nogliki, Okha, Smirnykh; Shumshu (Saito, 1935b, Eskov, 1992c).
    92. Herbiphantes pratensis Tanasevitch, 1992: Sakhalin: Aniva (Tanasevitch, 1992).
    93. Hilaira herniosa Thorell, 1872: Shumshu.
    94. Hilaira leviceps (Koch, 1879): Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    95. Holminaria prolata (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873): Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1991c).
    96. Hylyphantes nigritus (Simon, 1881): Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Nogliki; Kunashir, Iturup (Eskov, 1992c).
    97. Hypomma affinis Schenkel, 1930: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Okha, Tomari; Kunashir, Iturup, Paramushir (Eskov, 1988a, 1992c, as H. bituberculata and H. cornuta).
    98. Hypomma bituberculata (Wider, 1834): Moneron.
    99. Hypselistes semiflavus (Koch, 1879): Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c, as H. jacksoni).
    100. Hypselistes sp.: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha, Tomari (Eskov, 1992c, as H. jacksoni and H. semiflavus).
    101. Kaestneria pullata (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Okha, Poronaisk, Smirnykh, Tomari, Uglegorsk; Moneron, Iturup, Kunashir, Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    102. Lasiargus laricetorum Eskov, 1986: Sakhalin: Okha.
    103. Labulla insularis (Saito, 1935): Sakhalin: Aniva; Moneron (Saito, 1935a,b; Eskov, 1992c).
    104. Lepthyphantes abiscoensis Holm, 1939: Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    105. Lepthyphantes alacris (Blackwall, 1853): Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha (Tanasevitch, 1988).
    106. Lepthyphantes ateripes Tanasevitch, 1986: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Nogliki, Okha; Kunashir (Tanasevitch, 1988; Eskov, 1992c).
    107. Lepthyphantes cognatus Tanasevitch, 1992: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Makarov, Okha, Poronaisk (Tanasevitch, 1988: as L. angulatus; Eskov, 1992c: as L.bipilis; Tanasevitch, 1992).
    108. Lepthyphantes curvus Tanasevitch, 1992: Sakhalin: Aniva, Poronaisk (Tanasevitch, 1992).
    109. Lepthyphantes dybowskii (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873): Sakhalin: Aniva; Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    110. Lepthyphantes expunctus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875): Sakhalin: Okha.
    111. Lepthyphantes karpinskii (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873): Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha, Poronaisk (Saito, 1935b, as L. angulipalpis; Tanasevitch, 1988; Eskov, 1992c).
    112. Lepthyphantes kochiellus Strand, 1901: Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Tanasevitch, 1988).
    113. Lepthyphantes mengei Kuiczynski, 1887: Sakhalin: Aniva, Nogliki, Okha (Saito, 1935b).
    114. Lepthyphantes nebulosus (Sundevall, 1829): Sakhalin: Aniva; Iturup (Saito, 1935, as L. collinus; Tanasevitch, 1988).
    115. Lepthyphantes nigriventris (Koch, 1879): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Okha; Iturup, Paramushir (Eskov, 1992c).
    116. Lepthyphantes sakhalinensis Tanasevitch, 1987: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha; Kunashir (Tanasevitch, 1987, 1988).
    117. Lepthyphantes suffusus Strand, 1901: Sakhalin: Okha (Tanasevitch, 1988).
    118. Lepthyphantes taczanowskii (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873): Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk, Smirnykh (Tanasevitch, 1988; Eskov, 1992c).
    119. Leptorhoptrum robustum (Westring, 1851) Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Tomari; Iturup, Paramushir (Eskov, 1992c).
    120. Lophomma cognatum Holm, 1960: Sakhalin: Aniva.
    121. Macrargus multessimus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875): Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    122. Maro borealis Eskov, 1991: Sakhalin: Tomari (Eskov, 1991a).
    123. Maro flavescens (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Nogliki, Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1991a, 1991d).
    124. Maro saaristoi Eskov, 1980: Sakhalin: Okha.
    125. Maro sibiricus Eskov, 1980: Sakhalin: Okha; Shumshu (Eskov, 1991a, 1991d).
    126. Maso sundevalli (Westring, 1851): Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha, Poronaisk; Iturup, Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    127. Mecynargus paetulus (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1875): Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    128. Micrargus herbigradus (Blackwall, 1854): Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha, Poronaisk; Paramushir (Eskov, 1992c).
    129. Microlinyphia impigra (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871): Sakhalin: Aniva; Kunashir (Saito, 1935b, as Linyphia circumspects (Blackwall); Eskov, 1992c).
    130. Microlinyphia pusilia (Sundevall, 1829): Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha (Saito, 1935b).
    131. Microneta viaria (Blackwall, 1854): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Korsakov, Poronaisk, Okha (Eskov, 1992c).
    132. Minicia exarmata Eskov, 1989: Sakhalin: Okha.
    133. Minyrioloides trifrons (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1863): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Okha, Smirnykh, Tomari (Eskov, 1992c).
    134. Minyriolus pusillus (Wider, 1834): Kunashir (Eskov, 1992c).
    135. Nenilinium asiaticum Eskov, 1988: Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    136. Neriene albolimbata (Karsch, 1879): Sakhalin: Aniva (Eskov, 1992c).
    137. Neriene angulifera (Schenkel, 1953): Sakhalin: Tomari; Kunashir, Iturup (Eskov, 1992c).
    138. Neriene clathrata (Sundevall, 1829): Moneron.
    139. Neriene coosa (Gertsch, 1951): Sakhalin: Aniva.
    140. Neriene emphana (Walckenaer, 1841): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Makarov; Kunashir, Iturup (Peele & Saito, 1932b, as Linyphia yonomachaensis; Saito, 1935b; Eskov, 1992c).
    141. Neriene japonica (0i, 1960): Kunashir (Eskov, 1992c).
    142. Neriene radiata (Walckenaer, 1841): Sakhalin: Aniva, Kholmsk, Korsakov; Kunashir, Iturup (Peelle & Saito, 1932a; Eskov, 1992c).
    143. Neserigone basarukini Eskov, 1992: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Makarov, Tomari; Moneron, Kunashir, Iturup (Eskov, 1992a).
    144. Nippononeta kurilensis Eskov, 1992: Sakhalin: Aniva; Kunashir (Eskov, 1992a).
    145. Oedothorax hulongensis Zhu et Wen, 1980: Sakhalin: Aniva (Eskov, 1992c).
    146. Oia imadatei (0i, 1964): Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Okha; Kunashir (Eskov, 1992c).
    147. Oreonetides beringianus Eskov, 1991: Sakhalin: Poronaisk.
    148. Oreonetides helsdingeni Eskov, 1984: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski.
    149. Oreonetides lingualis Saito, 1978: Kunashir (Eskov, 1991a, 1991d).
    150. Oreonetides vaginatus (Thorell, 1972): Paramushir (Eskov, 1991a, 1991d).
    151. Panamomops tauricornis (Simon, 1881): Sakhalin: Nogliki.
    152. Paraeboria jeniseica (Eskov, 1981): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski.
    153. Parasis amurensis Eskov, 1984: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski.
    154. Parawubanoides unicornis (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873): Sakhalin: Okha.
    155. Phiattotrata parva (Kulczynski, 1926): Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    156. Pityohyphantes phrygianus (Koch, 1836): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Okha.
    157. Pocadicnemis pumila (Blackwall, 1841): Sakhalin: Aniva (Eskov, 1992c).
    158. Porrhomma pallida Jackson, 1913: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski (Eskov, 1992c).
    159. Porrhomma pygmaea (Blackwall, 1841): Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha, Tomari (Eskov, 1992c).
    160. Praestigia kulczynskii Eskov, 1979: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov; Kunashir, Paramushir (Eskov, 1992c).
    161. Praestigia pini (Holm, 1950): Sakhalin: Tomari (Eskov, 1992c).
    162. Pseudowubana wagae (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873): Sakhalin: Poronaisk, Smirnykh (Eskov, 1992c).
    163. Saloca strandi (Sytshevskaja, 1935): Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    164. Savignia basarukini Eskov, 1988: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1988, 1992c).
    165. Savignia birostrum (Chamberlin & Ivie, 1947): Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1991b, 1991d).
    166. Savignia pseudofrontata Paik, 1978: Sakhalin: Okha.
    167. Savignia saitoi Eskov, 1988: Sakhalin: Aniva, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Okha, Poronaisk; Kunashir, Iturup (Eskov, 1988,1992c).
    168. Scotinotylus levii Marusik, 1988: Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    169. Scotinotylus millidgei Eskov, 1986: Sakhalin: Dolinsk, Poronaisk.
    170. Scotinotylus sp.: Sakhalin: Smirnykh (Eskov, 1992c, as S. gracilis).
    171. Silometopus reussi (Thorell, 1871): Sakhalin: Nogliki.
    172. Stemonyphantes lineatus sibiricus (Grube, 1861): Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk, Tomari; Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    173. Strandelia pargongensis (Paik, 1965): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski; Kunashir (Eskov, 1992c).
    174. Tallusia experta (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871): Sakhalin: Tomari (Eskov, 1988a; 1992c).
    175. Tapinocyba kolymensis Eskov, 1989: Sakhalin: Okha.
    176. Tapinocyboides pygmaeus (Menge, 1869) Sakhalin: Okha (Eskov, 1992c).
    177. Thyreostenius parasiticus (Westring, 1851): Sakhalin: Poronaisk; Kunashir (Eskov, 1992c).
    178. Tibioploides arcuatus (Tuligren, 1955): Sakhalin: Aniva; Makarov, Poronaisk; Kunashir (Eskov, 1992c).
    179. Tibioploides kurenstchikovi Eskov & Marusik, 1991: Sakhalin: Korsakov.
    180. Tibioploides pacificus Eskov & Marusik, 1991: Sakhalin: Makarov, Okha, Poronaisk, Tomari (Eskov & Marusik, 1991a).
    181. Tibioplus diversus (Koch, 1879): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    182. Tiso aestivus (Koch, 1879): Sakhalin: Okha; Iturup, Paramushir, Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    183. Tmeticus japonicus Oi, 1960: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Nogliki, Poronaisk, Okha, Smirnykh, Tomari, Tymovsk, Uglegorsk; Kunashir, Iturup, Paramushir (Eskov, 1992c).
    184. Tmeticus tolli Kulczyuski, 1908: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Okha, Poronaisk, Tomari (Eskov, 1992c).
    185. Trichoncus hyperboreus Eskov, 1992: Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992a).
    186. Tubercithorax furcifer Eskov, 1988: Sakhalin: Okha (Eskov, 1988c).
    187. Tunagyna debilis (Banks, 1892): Paramushir, Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c; Eskov & Marusik, 1991b).
    188. Ummeliata anguiltubera (0i, 1960): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Tomari, Kholmsk; Moneron, Kunashir, Iturup (Eskov, 1992c).
    189. Ummeliata osakaensis (0i, 1960): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk; Kunashir, Iturup (Eskov, 1992c).
    190. Victorium putoranicum Eskov, 1989: Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1988b).
    191. Walckenaeria clavicornis (Emerton, 1882): Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    192. Walckenaeria cuspidata (Blackwall, 1833): Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha; Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c).
    193. Walckenaeria fraudatrix Millidge, 1983: Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    194. Walckenaeria fugax (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1871): Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    195. Walckenaeria karpinskii (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1873): Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    196. Walckenaeria lepida (Kulczynski, 1885): Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk, Tomari; Shumshu (Eskov, 1988a, 1992c).
    197. Walckenaeria mayumiae Saito, 1986: Sakhalin: Dolinsk (Eskov, 1992c).
    198. Walckenaeria mitrata (Menge, 1868): Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Eskov, 1992c).
    199. Walckenaeria nishikawai Saito, 1986: Sakhalin: Aniva; Kunashir, Iturup (Eskov, 1992c).
    200. Walckenaeria nudipalpis (Westring, 1851): Sakhalin: Poronaisk, Tomari (Eskov, 1992c).
    201. Walckenaeria picetorum (Palmgren, 1976): Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov; Iturup.
    202. Walckenaria sp.: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha, Poronaisk; Kunashir, Iturup (Strand, 1907, as Wideria antica).
    203. Wubanoides enormitus Tanasevitch, 1988: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha (Tanaesevitch, 1988; Eskov & Marusik, 1992a).
    204. Wubanoides septentrionalis (0i, 1960): Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha, Poronaisk; Moneron, Kunashir (Eskov, 1992c; Eskov & Marusik, 1992a).

VI. Family Tetragnathidae

    205. Metleucauge kompirensis (Basenberg & Strand, 1906): Aniva, Makarov, Kholmsk; Kunashir, Shikotan (Marusik, 1989).
    206. Metleucauge yunohamensis (Basenberg & Strand, 1906): Sakhalin (Yaginuma, 1977); Kunashir (Marusik, 1989).
    207. Pachygnatha clercki Sundevall, 1823: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Korsakov, Nogliki, Okha, Tomari.
    208. Pachygnatha listeri Sundevall, 1830: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Okha, Poronaisk.
    209. Pachygnatha sp.: Sakhalin: Kholmsk, Korsakov, Tomari.
    210. Tetragnatha dearmata Thorell, 1873: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov; Kunashir.
    211. Tetragnatha extensa (Linnaeus, 1758): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Tomari, Tymovsk, Kholmsk; Kunashir (Yaginuma, 1977), Iturup (Peelle, Saito, 1932a).
    212. Tetragnatha pinicola Koch, 1870: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Makarov, Okha; Kunashir.
    213. Tetragnatha yesoensis Saito, 1934: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov; Kunashir (Saito, 1934, as T. squamata).

VII. Family Araneidae

    214. Aculepeira carbonarioides (Keyserling, 1882): Sakhalin: Makarov.
    215. Aculepeira packardi (Thorell, 1875): Sakhalin: Nogliki, Okha.
    216. Araneus cf. arcopictus Schenkel, 1953: Sakhalin: Tomari; Kunashir.
    217. Araneus diadematus Clerck, 1757: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Makarov, Smirnykh; Kunashir (Yaginuma, 1977).
    218. Araneus cf. macacus Uemura, 1961: Sakhalin: Aniva; Kunashir.
    219. Araneus marmoreus Clerck, 1757: Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Okha, Poronaisk; Kunashir (Yaginuma, 1977).
    220. Araneus pinguis (Karsch, 1879): Sakhalin: Aniva, Nogliki, Tomari, Uglegorsk; Kunashir (Marusik, 1989).
    221. Araneus quadratus Clerck, 1757: Sakhalin: Okha.
    222. Araneus uyemurai Yaginuma, 1960: Kunashir.
    223. Araneus ventricosus Koch, 1878: Sakhalin: Aniva (Yaginuma, 1977).
    224. Araneus sp. 1: Sakhalin: Okha.
    225. Araneus sp. 2: Sakhalin: Uglegorsk; Kunashir.
    226. Araneus sp. 3: Sakhalin: Aniva.
    227. Araneus sp. 4: Sakhalin: Dolinsk.
    228. Araniella displicata (Hentz, 1847): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Kholmsk, Okha.
    229. Araniella sp.: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Tomari, Kholmsk; Kunashir, Iturup, Paramushir, Shikotan.
    230. Atea schrenki (Grube, 1861): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Okha?, Tomari, Tymovsk, Kholmsk; Kunashir, Shikotan.
    231. Cyclosa conica (Pallas, 1772): Sakhalin: Okha.
    232. Cyclosa sp. 1: Kunashir.
    233. Cyclosa sp. 2: Sakhalin: Kholmsk; Kunashir.
    234. Gibbaranea abscissus (Karsch, 1879): Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Makarov, Kholmsk (Marusik, 1989).
    235. Hypsosinga albivittata (Westring, 1851): Sakhalin: Okha.
    236. Hypsosinga sanguinea (Koch, 1844): Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Makarov, Kholmsk; Shikotan (Yaginuma, 1977).
    237. Hypsosinga cf. sanguinea (Koch, 1844): Sakhalin: Aniva, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Makarov; Kunashir.
    238. Larinioides cornutus (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Nogliki, Okha; Kunashir, Paramushir (Yaginuma, 1977).
    239. Larinioides patagiatus (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Makarov, Nogliki, Okha, Poronaisk, Tomari; Iturup (Peelle & Saito, 1932a).
    240. Neoscona adianta (Walckenaer, 1802): Sakhalin (Yaginuma, 1977).
    241. Pronous minutus (Saito, 1939): Sakhalin: Aniva, Tomari, Kholmsk; Kunashir (Marusik, 1989).
    242. Singa hamata (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Kholmsk, Makarov, Smirnykh.
    243. Singa nitidula (Koch, 1845): Sakhalin: Nogliki.
    244. Zilla sakhalinensis (Saito, 1934): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Tomari; Kunashir, Smirnykh (Yaginuma, 1977; Marusik, 1989).
    245. Zygielia dispar (Kulczynski, 1885): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha, Smirnykh; Kunashir, Shikotan (Marusik, 1989); northern Kuril Islands (Saito, 1932, as Z. montanal).

VIII. Family Lycosidae

    246. Arctosa kawabe Tanaka, 1985: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk.
    247. Lycosa ishikariana (Saito, 1934): Kunashir.
    248. Pardosa astrigera (Koch, 1878): Sakhalin: Dolinsk; Iturup.
    249. Pardosa cf. atrata (Thorell, 1873): Sakhalin: Aniva.
    250. Pardosa cf. chionophila Koch, 1879, 1: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Tomari; Iturup, Kunashir.
    251. Pardosa cf. chionophila Koch, 1879, 2: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Makarov.
    252. Pardosa cf. chionophila Koch, 1879, 3: Sakhalin.
    253. Pardosa cf. elseni (Thorell, 1875): Sakhalin: Okha.
    254. Pardosa lugubris (Walckenaer, 1802): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Korsakov, Makarov, Nogliki, Okha, Poronaisk, Smirnykh, Tomari, Kholmsk; Kunashir.
    255. Pardosa palustris (Linnaeus, 1758): Sakhalin: Okha, Uglegorsk; Kunashir, Paramushir, Shumshu; Kuril Islands (Yaginuma, 1977).
    256. Pardosa plumipes (Thorell, 1875): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov; Kunashir.
    257. Pardosa riparia (Koch, 1833): Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Tymovsk; Kuril Islands (Saito, 1935).
    258. Pirata piraticus (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva.
    259. Pirata yaginumai Tanaka, 1974: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk.
    260. Tarentula aculeata (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Okha.
    261. Tarentula cf. borea Kulczynski, 1908: Sakhalin: Okha.
    262. Tarentula cuneata (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva.
    263. Tarentula pulverulenta (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Tomari; Kunashir.
    264. Trochosa terricola Thorell, 1856: Sakhalin: Aniva, Makarov, Okha, Tomari; Kunashir, Iturup, Urup, Paramushir, Shumshu (Yaginuma, 1977).
    265. Xerolycosa nemoralis (Westring, 1861): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha; Kunashir, Iturup.

IX. Family Pisauridae

    266. Dolomedes sulfureus Koch, 1878: Kunashir. D.sp.: Sakhalin: Okha.
    267. Pisaura lama Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: Kunashir (Logunov,1990).

X. Family Oxyopidae

    268. Oxyopes parvus Paik, 1969: Sakhalin: Okha.

XI. Family Agelenidae

    269. Coelotes sakhalinensis Marusik & Logunov, 1991: Sakhalin: Okha (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).
    270. Coelotes cf. insiduosus Koch: Kunashir (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).
    271. Cybaeus bam Marusik & Logunov, 1991: Kunashir (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).
    272. Cybaeus basarukini Marusik & Logunov, 1991: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Makarov (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).
    273. Cybaeus kunshirensis Marusik & Logunov, 1991 Sakhalin: Dolinsk, Kunashir (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).
    274. Tegenaria domestica (Clerck, 1757): Iturup (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).

XII. Family Argyronetidae

    275. Argyroneta aquatica (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Kholmsk (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).

XIII. Family Hahniidae

    276. Cryphoeca silvicola (Koch, 1834): Sakhalin: Korsakov, Okha, Poronaisk (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).
    277. Hahnia corticicola (Bösenberg & Strand, 1906): Sakhalin: Makarov (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).
    278. Hahnia ononidum Simon, 1875: Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).
    279. Hahnia nava (Blackwall, 1841): Sakhalin: Okha.
    280. Hahnia cf. glacialis Soerensen, 1898: Sakhalin: Makarov, Poronaisk (Marusik & Logunov, 1991, as H. glacialis).

XIV. Family Dictynidae

    281. Dictyna arundinacea (Linnaeus, 1758): Sakhalin: Makarov, Okha, Tomari (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).
    282. Dictyna pusilla Thorell, 1856: Sakhalin: Aniva (Marusik & Logunov,1991).
    283. Dictyna uncinata Thorell, 1856: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha, Poronaisk, Smirnykh, Tomari (Dunin, 1984b; Marusik & Logunov,1991).
    284. Emblyna annulipes (Blackwall, 1846): Sakhalin: Okha (Marusik & Logunov, 1991.
    285. Lathys bin Marusik & Logunov, 1991: Sakhalin: Kholmsk; Kunashir (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).

XV. Family Amaurobiidae

    286. Cybaeopsis typicus (Strand, 1907): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha. (Yaginuma, 1987, and Dunin, 1984b, as Callobius claustrarius); Moneron, Iturup, Kunashir (Marusik & Logunov, 1991).
    287. Titanoeca sp.: Sakhalin: Okha, Poronaisk.

XVI. Family Anyphaenidae

    288. Anyphaena kurilensis Peelle & Saito, 1932: Iturup (Peelle & Saito, 1932a).
    289. Anyphaena sp.: Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Poronaisk, Kholmsk; Kunashir.

XVII. Family Liocranidae

    290. Agroeca sp.: Sakhalin: Aniva.

XVIII. Family Clubionidae

    291. Chiracanthium erraticum (Walckenaer, 1802) Sakhalin: Aniva, Kholmsk, Okha, Poronaisk.
    292. Clubiona bakurovi Mikhailov, 1990: Sakhalin: Makarov (Mikhailov, 1990).
    293. Clubiona basarukini Mikhailov, 1990: Sakhalin: Dolinsk (Mikhailov, 1990).
    294. Clubiona caerulescens Koch, 1866: Sakhalin: Aniva (Mikhailov, 1991, 1992; Yaginuma, 1977).
    295. Clubiona charitonovi Mikhailov, 1990: Sakhalin: Korsakov, Makarov; Kunashir (Mikhailov, 1990, 1992).
    296. Clubiona diversa O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1862: Sakhalin: Kholmsk, Okha.
    297. Clubiona ezoensis Hayashi, 1987: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha, Kholmsk; Kunashir, Iturup (Mikhailov, 1991, 1992).
    298. Clubiona flavipes (Saito, 1939): Sakhalin: Aniva, Kholmsk; Kunashir (Mikhailov, 1990, 1992).
    299. Clubiona interjecta Koch, 1879: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Okha, Poronaisk (Mikhailov, 1991).
    300. Clubiona irinae Mikhailov, 1991: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Kholmsk, Makarov, Nogliki, Poronaisk, Smirnykh (Mikhailov, 1991).
    301. Clubiona jucunda (Karsch, 1879): Kunashir (Mikhailov, 1992).
    302. Clubiona kulczynskii Lessert, 1905: Sakhalin: Aniva (Mikhailov, 1992), Dolinsk, Okha (Mikhailov, 1991).
    303. Clubiona kunashirensis Mikhailov, 1990: Moneron; Iturup (Mikhailov, 1992), Kunashir (Mikhailov, 1990, 1991, as C. lyubarskii).
    304. Clubiona kurilensis Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov; Kunashir (Mikhailov, 1990), Iturup (Bösenberg, Strand, 1906).
    305. Clubiona latericia Kulczynski, 1885: Sakhalin: Dolinsk (Mikhailov, 1990).
    306. Clubiona lutescens Westring, 1861: Sakhalin (Yaginuma, 1977).
    307. Clubiona pallidula (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva (Mikhailov, 1992).
    308. Clubiona propinqua Koch, 1879: Sakhalin: Aniva (Mikhailov, 1991).
    309. Clubiona pseudogermanica Schenkel, 1936: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Okha, Tymovsk; Kunashir, Iturup, Shumshu (Mikhailov, 1991, 1992).
    310. Clubiona riparia Koch, 1866: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Nogliki, Okha, Poronaisk; Kunashir (Mikhailov, 1990), Iturup (Peelle & Saito, 1932a, as C. badia), Paramushir, Shumshu (Mikhailov, 1992).
    311. Clubiona sapporensis Hayashi, 1986: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Makarov; Kunashir (Mikhailov, 1990), Iturup, Urup (Mikhailov, 1992).
    312. Clubiona sopaikensis Paik, 1990: Sakhalin: Smirnykh (Mikhailov, 1991).
    313. Clubiona subtilis Koch, 1866: Sakhalin: Makarov.
    314. Clubiona trivialis Koch, 1843: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha (Mikhailov, 1992).
    315. Clubiona tsurusakii Hayashi, 1987: Kunashir (Mikhailov, 1992).
    316. Clubiona vigil Karsch, 1879: Kunashir (Mikhailov, 1990).

XIX. Family Gnaphosidae

    317. Drassodes lapidosus (Walckenaer, 1802): Kunashir.
    318. Drassodes neglectus Keyserling, 1887: Sakhalin: Okha.
    319. Drassodes sp.: Sakhalin: Okha.
    320. Drassylus pusillus (Koch, 1833): Sakhalin: Dolinsk; Kunashir.
    321. Gnaphosa inconspecta Simon, 1878: Sakhalin: Okha.
    322. Gnaphosa kompirensis Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Okha.
    323. Gnaphosa muscorum (Koch, 1866): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk.
    324. Gnaphosa nigerrima Koch, 1878: Sakhalin: Okha.
    325. Gnaphosa proxima Kulczynski, 1908: Sakhalin: Okha.
    326. Gnaphosa sticta Kulczynski, 1908: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha.
    327. Haplodrassus moderatus (Kulczynski, 1897): Sakhalin: Aniva, Poronaisk.
    328. Haplodrassus signifer (Koch, 1839): Sakhalin: Aniva; Paramushir.
    329. Micaria pulicaria (Sundevall, 1831): Sakhalin: Okha.
    330. Poecilochroa sp. 1: Sakhalin: Aniva.
    331. Poecilochroa sp. 2: Kunashir.
    332. Zelotes fratris Chamberlin, 1920: Sakhalin: Okha.
    333. Zelotes sula Lowrie & Gertsch, 1955: Sakhalin: Aniva; Kunashir.

XX. Family Zoridae

    334. Zora cf. nemoralis (Blackwall, 1861): Sakhalin: Okha.
    335. Zora cf. spinimana (Sundevall, 1832): Sakhalin: Aniva.

XXI. Family Heteropodidae

    336. Micrommata virescens (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva, Kunashir, Okha.

XXII. Family Philodromidae

    337. Philodromus aryy Marusik, 1991: Sakhalin: Kholmsk.
    338. Philodromus aureolus (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Okha, Poronaisk, Tomari; Iturup, Kunashir.
    339. Philodromus buxi Simon, 1884: Sakhalin: Aniva.
    340. Philodromus cespitum (Walckenaer, 1802): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Okha, Tymovsk, Uglegorsk; Kunashir.
    341. Philodromus emarginatus (Schrank, 1803): Kunashir.
    342. Philodromus fuscomarginatus (De Geer, 1778): Sakhalin: Okha.
    343. Philodromus margaritatus (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva, Tomari; Kunashir.
    344. Philodromus rufus Walckenaer, 1828: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Okha; Iturup (Yaginuma, 1977).
    345. Thanatus albomaculatus Kulczynski, 1908: Sakhalin: Okha.
    346. Thanatus formicinus (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Okha.
    347. Tibellus maritimus (Menge, 1875): Sakhalin: Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Nogliki, Okha, Kholmsk.
    348. Tibellus oblongus (Walckenaer, 1802): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha, Tomari, Uglegorsk; Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan (Peelle & Saito, 1932b).

XXIII. Family Thomisidae

    349. Coriarachne depressa (Koch, 1837): Sakhalin: Okha.
    350. Diaea subdola O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1885: Sakhalin: Aniva; Kunashir (Ono et al., 1990).
    351. Lysiteles coronatus (Grube, 1861): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Kholmsk; Iturup, Kunashir (Ono et al., 1990).
    352. Lysiteles maius Ono, 1979: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Smirnykh, Tomari, Kholmsk; Kunashir (Marusik, 1989; Ono et al., 1990).
    353. Misumena vatia (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha, Smirnykh (Yaginuma; 1977; Ono et al., 1990).
    354. Misumenops tricuspidatus (Fabricius, 1775): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Tomari, Kholmsk; Moneron, Kunashir (Ono et al., 1990).
    355. Oxyptila atomaria (Panzer, 1810): Sakhalin: Korsakov, Poronaisk, Okha (Ono et al., 1990).
    356. Oxyptila balkarica Ovtsharenko, 1979: Sakhalin: Okha (Ono et al., 1990).
    357. Oxyptila sakhalinensis Ono, Marusik, & Logunov, 1990: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha, Poronaisk (Ono et al., 1990).
    358. Oxyptila sincera Kulczynski, 1926: Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Poronaisk, Tomari (Ono et al., 1990).
    359. Oxyptila trux (Blackwall, 1846): Shumshu (Ono et al., 1990).
    360. Oxytate striatipes Koch, 1878: Sakhalin: Aniva; Kunashir (Ono et al., 1990).
    361. Pistius undulatus Karsch, 1879: Sakhalin: Aniva; Kunashir (Ono et al., 1990).
    362. Tmarus sp.: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha.
    363. Xysticus albidus Grese, 1909: Sakhalin: Okha.
    364. Xysticus audax (Schrank, 1803): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Nogliki, Okha, Poronaisk, Tomari; Kunashir (Ono et al., 1990).
    365. Xysticus britcheri Gertsch, 1934: Sakhalin: Okha.
    366. Xysticus emertoni Keyserling, 1890: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha.
    367. Xysticus ephippiatus Simon, 1880: Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov; Kunashir (Ono et al., 1990).
    368. Xysticus kurilensis Strand, 1907: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk. Iturup (Strand, 1907), Kunashir (Ono et al., 1990).
    369. Xysticus lepnevae Utotchkin, 1968: Sakhalin: Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Tomari (Ono et al., 1990).
    370. Xysticus luctuosus (Blackwall, 1836): Sakhalin: Makarov, Okha, Poronaisk (Ono et al., 1990).
    371. Xysticus rostratus Ono, 1988: Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Tomari; Kunashir (Ono et al., 1990).
    372. Xysticus saganus Bösenberg & Strand, 1906: Kunashir.
    373. Xysticus sibiricus Kulczynski, 1908: Sakhalin: Poronaisk (Ono et al., 1990).

XXIV. Family Salticidae

    374. Bianor aurocinctus (Ohlert, 1865): Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Okha, Smirnykh (Logunov & Marusik, 1991).
    375. Carrhotus xantogramma (Latreille, 1819): Kunashir.
    376. Dendryphantes fusconotatus (Grube, 1861): Sakhalin: Okha.
    377. Dendryphantes rudis (Sundevall, 1832): Sakhalin: Okha.
    378. Euophrys frontalis (Walckenaer, 1802): Sakhalin: Aniva.
    379. Euophrys iwatensis Bohdanovicz & Proszynski, 1987: Sakhalin: Dolinsk, Makarov.
    380. Evarcha albaria (Koch, 1878): Kunashir.
    381. Evarcha arcuata (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva; Kunashir (Dunin, 1984a).
    382. Evarcha falcata (Clerck, 1757): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Okha, Poronaisk, Smirnykh, Kholmsk; Kunashir (Dunin, 1984a).
    383. Evarcha laetabunda (Koch, 1836): Sakhalin: Okha.
    384. Heliophanus camtschadalicus Kulsczynski, 1885: Sakhalin: Okha, Uglegorsk.
    385. Heliophanus dubius Koch, 1831: Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov, Makarov.
    386. Heliophanus lineiventris Simon, 1868: Sakhalin: Aniva, Korsakov; Kunashir (Dunin, 1984a).
    387. Heliophanus ussuricus Kulczynski, 1895: Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Kholmsk, Makarov, Okha, Tomari, Uglegorsk; Iturup, Kunashir (Wesolowska & Marusik, 1990).
    388. Marpissa elongata (Karsch, 1879): Kunashir.
    389. Marpissa pomatia (Walckenaer, 1802): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Makarov, Nevelsk, Okha; Iturup, Kunashir (Dunin, 1984a).
    390. Myrmarachne tormicaria (De Geer, 1778): Moneron; Kunashir (Dunin, 1984a).
    391. Neon reticulatus (Blackwall, 1855): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Kholmsk; Iturup.
    392. Phintelia linea (Karsch, 1879): Sakhalin: Aniva, Kholmsk; Kunashir (Bösenberg & Strand, 1906; Dunin, 1984a, as P. abnormis).
    393. Phintelia castriesiana (Grube, 1861): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Korsakov, Nevelsk, Kholmsk; Moneron, Iturup, Kunashir (Dunin, 1984a).
    394. Pseudicius vulpes (Grube, 1861): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk- Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk; Kunashir (Dunin, 1984a).
    395. Sitticus caricis (Westring, 1861): Sakhalin: Okha.
    396. Sitticus tinschi (Koch, 1879): Sakhalin: Okha.
    397. Sitticus penicillatus (Simon, 1875): Sakhalin: Kholmsk.
    398. Sitticus saxicola (Koch, 1848): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Okha, Tomari.
    399. Sitticus sp.: Sakhalin: Aniva, Okha, Tomari.
    400. Synageles venator (Lucas, 1836): Sakhalin: Aniva, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Okha.
    401. Synagelides agoriformis Strand, 1906: Kunashir.
    402. Yaginumaella medvedevi Proszynski, 1979: Kunashir (Proszynski, 1979).
    403. Yaginumaella striatipes (Grube, 1861): Sakhalin: Aniva, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinski, Dolinsk, Kholmsk, Korsakov, Nevelsk, Tomari; Moneron, Iturup, Kunashir (Dunin, 1984a).

The records of Linyphia yonochamaensis Bösenberg & Strand, 1906, from Sakhalin reported by Peele & Saito (1932b) have been referred to L. emphana by Helsdingen (1969). The records of Lepthyphantes angulipalpis (Westring, 1851) and L. collinus (Koch, 1872) from Sakhalin by Saito (1935b) have been referred to L. karpinski and L. nebulosus, respectively, by Tanasevitch & Eskov (1987). The record of Araeoncus humilis (Blackwall, 1841) from Iturup by Peele & Saito (1932a) has been stated as a misidentification by Eskov (1992a).

The following are dubious species not mentioned in our check-list but recorded by Japanese arachnologists (1924-1937):

    Araneus cucurbitinus Linnaeus (= Araniella cucurbitinus)
    Araneus inconspicua Simon (= Araniella inconspicua)
    Araneus nordmanni Thorell
    Araneus omoeda Thorell (Gibbaranea omoeda)
    Araneus thaddeus (Hentz)
    Araneus triguttatus Fabricius
    Araneus uchidai Kishida
    Arctosa cinerea (Fabricius)
    Chiracanthium lascivum Karsch
    Chiracanthium brevipes Blackwall
    Chiracanthium frutetorum Koch
    Chiracanthium perforata Peelle & Saito, 1932
    Chiracanthium phragmitis Koch
    Coelotes caraftensis Kishida
    Gayenna sachalinensis Saito, 1935 (= Stemmops?)
    Icius nigra Peelle & Saito, 1932
    Lycosa avida Walckenaer
    Lycosa chisimensis Saito, 1932 (= P. palustris?)
    Lycosa doenitzi Bösenberg & Strand
    Lycosa t-insignita Bösenberg & Strand (P. astrigera Koch)
    Meta segmentata (Clerck)
    Misumena aleatoria (Hentz)
    Misumena lutea Peelle & Saito, 1933
    Philodromus obsolete Peeile & Saito, 1933
    Pirata montanus Emerton
    Tetragnatha solandri (Scopoli) (= Tetragnatha montana Simon)
    Theridion araitense Saito, 1932 (= Stemonyphantes lineatus sibiricus (Grube)?)
    Theridion formosum (Clerck)
    Theridiosoma gemmosum Koch
    Theridula albipes Saito, 1935 (= Theridion rapulum Yaginuma?)
    Tibellus tenellus (Koch)
    Trochosa lapidicola (Hahn)
    Xysticus limbatus Keyserling
    Xysticus pini Hahn
    Xysticus triguttatus Keyserling
    Zygiella atrica Koch
    Zygiella montana (Koch)
    Zygiella x-notata (Clerck)

In addition, one of us (KE) takes the opportunity to correct some previous misidentifications in Far Eastern linyphlids:

  1. All records of Centromerus clarus (Koch) from the seven localities in Cisamuria, Maritime Province, and Sakhalin (Eskov, 1992c) should be referred to C. pacificus Eskov &.Marusik.

  2. The reallocation of records of Hypomma bituberculata (Wider) from Sakhalin (Eskov, 1988a, 1992c) to H. affinis Schenkel has already been provided by Eskov (1992b). In addition, all records of both H. bituberculata (Wider) and H. cornuta (Blackwall) from Iturup, Kunashir, and Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c) should be referred to H. affinis as well.

  3. The record of Lepthyphantes bipilis Kulczynski from Sakhalin (Eskov, 1992c) should be referred to L. cognatus Tanasevitch.

  4. The record of Entelecara errata O. Pickard-Cambridge from Bolshe- Khekhtsyrskiy Reserve (Eskov, 1992c) should be referred to E. erythropus (Westring).

  5. All the Far Eastern records of Bathyphantes magnificus (Chamberlin & Ivie) (Eskov, 1992c) should be referred to an yet undescribed species, Bathyphantes sp.

  6. All the Far Eastern records of both Scotinotylus gracilis Millidge and S. sacratus Millidge (Eskov, 1992c) should be referred to a yet undescribed species, Scotinotylus sp.

  7. All the records of Hypselistes jacksoni (O. Pickard-Cambridge) in Sakhalin and Shumshu, as well as of H. semiflavus (Koch) in Sakhalin (Eskov, 1992c) should be referred to a yet undescribed species, Hypselistes sp. The record of H. jacksoni in Shumshu (Eskov, 1992c) should be referred to H. semiflavus.

  8. The following conclusions are provided based on a restudy of the Kamtchatka collection of Sytshevskaja (1935) kept in the Zoological Museum of the Moscow State University: Hypomma bituberculata (Wider) is in fact H. affinis Schenkel; Dismodicum bifrons (Blackwall) = D. alticeps Chamberlin & Ivie; Syedra gracius (Menge) = Agyneta sp. [female: most probably A. similis (Kulczynski)]; Entelecara media (Kulczynski) = Erigonidium graminicolum (Sundevall, 1829); Stemonyphantes bucculentus (Linnaeus) = S. lineatus sibiricus (Grube); Erigone psychrophila Thorell = E. simillima Keyserling, 1886; Erigone arctica White = Erigone atra Blackwall; Gnathonarium taczanowskii (O. Pickard-Cambridge) (in part) = G. suppositum (Kulczynskii); the material of Pocadicnemis prominens Simon [= Lasiargus hirsutus (Menge)] has not been found. Several misidentifications by Sytshevskaja (1935) have already been corrected by Eskov (1986, 1987a, b), Eskov & Marusik (1991b), Tanasevitch & Eskov (1987).

  9. The following records from Kamchatka by Kulczynskii (1885, 1926) seem to be misidentifications (the materials have not been found in the Institute of Zoology, Warsaw, and appear to be loss): Hypomma bituberculata is in fact H. affinis, Dismodicum elevatus = D. bifrons. The record of Diplocephalus cristatus (Blackwall) (Kulczynski, 1885) seems to refer in fact to D. sphagnicolus Eskov; the latter was recently found in Kamchatka (one female, Kamchatka River, Esso, 1 June 1991, leg. T. Pavlenko). In addition, the inadequately described Gonatium convexum Kulczynski, 1885, is stated now as a nomen dubium, due to the apparent lost of type material.

  10. The record of Meioneta rurestris (Koch) in the Maritime Province by Sternbergs (1988), based on a single female, is a doubtless misidentification.

  11. The record of Walckenaria antica (Wider) in Kunashir by Strand (1907) seems to refer in fact to a yet undescribed species, i.e. Walckenaeria sp. (closely related to both W. antica and W. fraudatrix Millidge). Linyphia amurensis Strand, 1907, from the Amur River, described from an sub-adult specimen, is stated now as a nomen dubium. Some misidentifications by Strand (1907) have been corrected by Eskov (1992a).

  12. The records of Bolyphantes crucifer (Menge), Linyphia amurensis Strand and Meioneta rurestris (Koch) in Cisamuria by Azheganova & Stenchenko (1977) are doubtless misidentifications. The absence of that collection in the Department of Entomology of the Perm State University (Dr. S. L. Esyunin, personal communication) does not allow to re-identify the above materials. Some misidentifications by Azheganova & Stenchenko (1977) have already been corrected by Tanasevitch & Eskov (1987) and Eskov & Marusik (1992b).

  13. The following three species were described inadequately by Grube (1861) from Cisamuria, i.e., Linyphia albomaculata, Linyphia melanopleuros and Micryphantes miniatus. The types of these species have not been found, neither in the Natural History Museum at Wroclaw (Heisdingen, 1978; Wesolowska, 1988) nor in the Zoological Museum, St.Petersburg (Ovtsharenko & Marusik, 1992), and seem to be lost. We now consider all these species to be nomina dubia.


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