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Old Hat

This ancient rain hat shows how Puget Sound people dealt with the climate of western Washington. The pointed peak, flaring shape, and cedar bark material helped shed water. An inner cap was woven right in.

Archaeologists excavated this hat in 1976 from Wapato Creek in Tacoma, along with remnants of a fish weir and fiber netting.

400-1,000 years old; Tacoma, Washington; No. 1983-72/1


New Hat

The Burke Museum asked Chinook/Puyallup weaver Karen Reed-Peter —whose grandmother had lived at Wapato Creek— to re-create the ancient hat. The old hat was so well preserved that Reed-Peter could deduce how the inner cap was woven in.

The double-hat style continues to be made, although later hats are less pointed.

Made by Karen Reed-Peter, 2000; Chinook/Puyallup; No. 2000-124/1; Purchased with funds donated by Lawrence Christian



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