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5,000 baskets

Baskets are stored at the Burke Museum in accessible shelving units arranged by region and tribe. This portion of the exhibit simulates the basketry storage shelves in the Ethnology area, where researchers can access the collection.The Native American basketry collection at the Burke Museum numbers more than 5,000 items. About one-tenth of the collection is displayed in this exhibit.

The size and quality of the collection make it valuable for research. Artists, students, and other investigators use these baskets and their historical records regularly.

Ethnology lab

Imagine yourself in the Burke's basket collection and research area. You might help preserve ancient baskets, identify baskets whose maker is unknown, trace changes in Makah baskets through time, or even put together a basketry exhibit.

Weavers are among those who study the collection, seeking to document their ancestors' lives, and gain insight into their art.

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