Family Hexagrammidae



Selected Characters: One dorsal fin with a notch, with spines and soft-rays; anal fin long; one or five lateral lines present; head with cirri but without bony spines.

This family is endemic to the North Pacific and consists of about nine species. The Zaniolepididae is sometimes considered a subfamily of the Hexagrammidae. Most hexagrammids are littoral species, less than 60 cm long and not commercially exploited. The exception is the Lingcod, which may reach 150 cm in length and has great commercial importance. It can be found at depths up to or possibly exceeding 400 meters and it preys voraciously on other fishes. Hexagrammids are usually territorial. There are five species found in Puget Sound. The family is common in our region.

Puget Sound Species

Hexagrammos decagrammus Kelp Greenling

Hexagrammos lagocephalus Rock Greenling

Hexagrammos stelleri Whitespotted Greenling

Ophiodon elongatus Lingcod

Oxylebius pictus Painted Greenling