Family Agonidae



Selected Characters: Body elongate, covered with bony plates; pectoral fins fanlike; pelvic fins small.

These marine fishes are found in the Arctic, North Pacific and North Atlantic, except for one species found off of southern South America. They are bottom dwellers, ranging from intertidal zones to over 1 km deep. Poachers haul their plated bodies along the bottom by undulating the pectoral fins. Most agonids feed on crustaceans. There are 44 species in the Agonidae with 14 recorded in Puget Sound. This family is moderately common in Puget Sound.

Puget Sound Species

Agonopsis vulsa Northern Spearnose Poacher

Agonus acipenserinus Sturgeon Poacher

Anoplagonus inermis Smooth Alligatorfish

Bathyagonus alascana Gray Starsnout

Bathyagonus infraspinata Spinycheek Starsnout

Bathyagonus nigripinnis Blackfin Starsnout

Bathyagonus pentacanthus Bigeye Starsnout

Bothragonus swani Rockhead

Hypsagonus quadricornis Fourhorn Poacher

Occella verrucosa Warty Poacher

Odontopyxis trispinosa Pygmy Poacher

Pallasina barbata Tubenose Poacher

Xeneretmus latifrons Blacktip Poacher

Xeneretmus triacanthus Bluespotted Poacher