Curators Dinner

Join us for the annual Burke Museum Curators Dinner!

The Burke Museum Association's Annual Curators Dinner took place on Friday, May 5, 2017 at the Mountaineers Club Seattle Program Center.

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Bryndis Jonsson
Development Events Coordinator

curators dinner guests raise their bid sheets during the auction

Photo: Seattle Met

Marlys Erickson, Chris Hurley, Curators Dinner honoree Bob Wiley, Ellen Ferguson
Photo: Pavel Verboski/Seattle Met

Elise Hebb and Rebecca Wilson
Photo: Pavel Verboski/Seattle Met

Greg Wilson, Janie Plath, Mike and Sarah Bruemmer
Photo: Pavel Verboski/Seattle Met

Joyce and Doug McCallum
Photo: Pavel Verboski/Seattle Met

2017 Dinner Co-Chairs
Elise Hebb

Elise Hebb

Curators Dinner Co-Chair
Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson

Curators Dinner Co-Chair
Patron Table Sponsor

Michael Bonsignore

Individual Table Sponsors

Greg and Paula Blume
Mary and Jim Dunnam
Carol and Russell Faucett
Ellen Ferguson
Elise and Nicholas Hebb 
Ron and Gail Irving 
Ed and Linda Marcuse
Ashley McClelland
Lisa and Rick Plath/John Kincaid
Brent and Heidi Reys
Wiley Family
Melissa Yeager

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