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Object #1-1653
Object nameString Puppet
Culture of OriginTsimshian
MaterialsWood, Leather, String, Paint, Black, Red, White, Nail
TechniquesCarved, Painted, Sewn
DimensionsH: 15.7 in, W: 5.9 in, D: 3.5 in
Exhibit LabelIt is not difficult to see how the theatrically sophisticated people of the Northwest Coast, people with traditions of representing in art and dance the creatures of history and myth, would conceive of and utilize puppets and marionettes. The imagination required to make lifeless wood seem alive is a requisite of the mask maker. Puppets and marionettes are extensions of the mask carver's work of bringing the myth-people to life. (Holm, Spirit and Ancestor, 1987)
SourceHauberg Foundation Grant
CreditGift of the Hauberg Foundation Grant

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