Herbarium Collections Tours

Photo: Rachel Ormiston/Burke Museum
Photo: Rachel Ormiston/Burke Museum

Tours of the Burke’s Plants & Fungi Collection typically cover the history of the Herbarium and collections, how specimens are prepared and organized in the collections, and highlights of the ongoing projects. Adult groups from on- and off-campus are welcome.

We can also provide tours for high school age students and younger, but we recommend only scheduling a tour if it is part of a larger curriculum unit on botany, taxonomy or a related subject. 

Arranging a Visit: Reservations are required and must be made in advance. To make a reservation, please contact us

Location: Note that the Plants & Fungi Collection and the Herbarium are not physically located at the Burke Museum but are a short 15 minute walk south. Visit our Team & Contact page for location information.

Capacity: Up to 20 adults

Duration: 30-45 minutes

large group with big presses filled with pressed plant specimens

Support the Herbarium

Your gift makes it possible! We couldn't do what we do without generous donor support for collections care, research and public outreach. 

Photo: Dennis Wise/University of Washington
Photo: Dennis Wise/University of Washington