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Name: Bud Kovalchik


Affiliation: Retired U.S. Forest Service Ecologist (2001) & currently exploring commercial nature photography.


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Background: B.S. Forest Science, University of Montana, 1968. M.S. Silvilculture - Forest Ecology, University of Montana, 1971. Author of numerous "plant association" publications for wetland, riparian, upland forest, and upland non-forest environments. Active plant and nature photographer. Forty years of experience with the Flora of the Pacific Northwest. Ecologist/botanist while working for the U.S. Forest Service in Montana (1970s), central Oregon (1980s), and eastern Washington (1989-2001). Although knowledgeable about plants in a wide variety of environments, I am especially versed on wetland/riparian vegetation such as sedges and willows. I worked closely with George Argus and Steve Brunsfeld in learning the willows and with Joy Mastrogiuseppe on grass-like plants. Enjoy!

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Photographs: 2,317 (browse photos)

Taxa photographed: 683

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My images may be used without permission for personal use or classroom instruction. My permission is required for uses such as computer programs, web sites, books, magazines, printed material, or any other uses in which the photos will be publicly accessible. (I may require a fee for high quality images)