Graduate degrees awarded in the College of Fisheries (or other UW departments) in which the research for the degree was based at least in part on the Fish Collection.  Major professor in parentheses.1



Schultz, L. P.  1932.  Ph.D.  The life history of Atherinops affinis oregonia

Jordan and Snyder and of other subspecies of baysmelt along the Pacific

Coast of the United States.  124 pp.  (Kincaid/Thompson)2


Blanco, G. J.  1933.  M.S.  Contributions to the early development of the

viviparous perch Taeniotoca lateralis Agassiz.  33 pp.  (Schultz)


Chapman, W. M.  1933.  M.S.  The osteology of Novumbra hubbsi Schultz

with notes on related species.  50 pp.  (Schultz)


Townsend, L. D.  1935.  M.S.  The variation in the meristic characters of

certain Pacific flounders.  62 pp. (Thompson)


Chapman, W. M.  1937.  Ph.D.  Ocean fishes from the northeastern Pacific

Ocean, collected by the International Fisheries Commission.  158 pp.



Iyengar, H. D. R.  1948.  Ph.D.  Osteology, auditory organs, and visceral

anatomy of Lampanyctus leucopsarus (Eigenmann and Eigenmann,

1890) with a note on its relationship with other members of the Order

Iniomi.  123 pp.  (W. M. Chapman)


Sitlani, K. M.  1953.  M.S.  The osteology of a lutijanid, Gnathodentex

aurolineatus, and a comparison with some related fishes.  97 pp.



Bayliff, W. H.  1954.  M.S.  A review of the Zoarcidae of the northeastern

Pacific Ocean.  189 pp.  (Welander)


Nguyen, A. N. H.  1964.  M.S.  Introduction to the families of shore fishes of

Viet Nam.  65 pp.  (McPhail)


Grinols, R. B.  1965.  M.S.  Check-list of the offshore marine fishes

occurring in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, principally off the coasts of

British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon.  217 pp.  (Welander)


Greenfield, D. W.  1966.  Ph.D.  Systematics and zoogeography of

Myripristis Cuvier (Pisces: Holocentridae).  218 pp.  (Welander)


Meldrin, J. W.  1968.  Ph.D.  The ecological zoogeography of the Olympic

mudminnow (Novumbra hubbsi, Schultz).  157 pp.  (McPhail/DeLacy)4


Semler, D. E.  1970.  M.S.  Some aspects of adaptation in a polymorphism

for breeding colors in the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus

L.).  30 pp.  (Hagen)


Kynard, B. E.  1972.  Ph.D.  Male breeding behavior and lateral plate

phenotypes in the threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus L.). 

135 pp.  (Wydowski/Hagen)


Larson, K. W.  1972.  M.S.  The systematics of a population of sculpins

(Cottus) in Lake Washington.  76 pp.  (Brown/Welander)


Crawford, T.  1981.  M.S.  Vertebrate prey of Phocoenoides dalli (Dall’s

porpoise) associated with the Japanese high seas salmon fishery in the

North Pacific Ocean.  72 pp.  (Pietsch)


Nelson, D. W.  1981.  M.S.  Systematics and distribution of cold-water

fishes of the genera Rastrinus Jordan and Evermann and Icelus Kröyer

(Scorpaeniformes: Cottidae).  201 pp.  (Pietsch)


Leipertz, S. L.  1982.  M.S.  A review of the fishes of the agonid genus

Xeneretmus Gilbert.  84 pp.  (Pietsch)


Grobecker, D. B.  1983.  Ph.D.  Functional morphology and behavioral

ecology of antennariid anglerfishes.  164 p.  (Pietsch)


Nawojchik, R.  1986.  M.S.  A systematic revision of zoarcoid fishes of the

family Cryptacanthodidae (Teleostei:  Perciformes).  87 pp.  (Pietsch)


Seeb, L. W.  1986.  Ph.D.  Biochemical systematics and evolution of the

scorpaenid genus Sebastes.  176 pp.  (Gunderson/Pietsch)


Leipertz, S. L.  1987.  Ph.D.  Morphometrics and the evolutionary history of

          fishes of the teleost subfamily Pleuronectinae.  136 pp.  (Pietsch)


Ankenbrandt, L. G.  1988.  M.S.  The phylogenetic relationships of the

Pacific fishes contained in the teleost genera Oncorhynchus and Salmo

based on restriction fragment analysis of mitochondrial DNA.  106 pp.



Stadler, J. H.  1988.  M.S.  Feeding biology of the northern clingfish

Gobiesox meandricus:  diet, morphology, and behavior.  91 pp.



Zabetian, C. P.  1988.  M.S.  Phylogenetic relationships of fishes of the

perciform suborders Trachinoidei and Ammodytoidei:  Evidence

extracted from scale structure and epidermal morphology.  106 pp.



Konecki, J. T.  1989.  M.S.  Anatomy and functional morphology of the

olfactory organs of Astroscopus y-graecum (Teleostei:  Uranoscopidae).

89 pp.  (Pietsch)


Kiernan, A. M.  1990.  Ph.D.  Systematics and zoogeography of the ronquils

family Bathymasteridae (Teleostei:  Perciformes).  190 pp.  (Pietsch)


Liu, Z.  1990.  M.S.  Comparative morphology of the brain and cranial

nerves in holocephalan fishes of the genera Callorhynchus, Hydrolagus

and Harriotta.  71 pp.  (Pietsch)


Shedlock, A. M.  1992.  M.S.  DNA sequence evolution in salmonid

fishes:  Structure, function, and systematics of the mitochondrial control

region.  71 pp.  (Pietsch)


Lonzarich, M. R. E.  1993.  M.S.  Habitat selection and character analysis of

Cottus marginatus, the margined sculpin.  88 pp. (Pietsch)


Orr, J. W.  1995.  Ph.D.  Phylogenetic relationships of gasterosteiform fishes

(Teleostei:  Acanthomorpha).  813 pp.  (Pietsch)


Stearn, D. D.  1996.  M.S.  The ceratioid anglerfishes of Sagami Bay, Japan,

and adjacent waters.  95 pp.  (Pietsch)


Shedlock, A. M.  1997.  Ph.D.  Systematics and life history evolution of

world anglerfishes (Teleostei: Lophiiformes):  Molecular tests of

morphological hypotheses.  136 pp.  (Pietsch)


López, J. A.  1998.  M.S.  Systematics and molecular evolution of esocoid

fishes.  49 pp.  (Pietsch)


MacDonald, E. L.  2001.  M.S. Ontogeny of Lumpenus maculatus

(Perciformes: Stichaeidae) based on external morphology and osteology,

with comparisons to congeneric larvae.  82 pp.  (Pietsch)


Stevenson, D. E.  2002.  Ph.D.  Systematics and distribution of fishes of the

Asian goby genera Chaenogobius Gill and Gymnogobius Gill

(Perciformes: Gobiidae), with comments on the relationships of the

Chasmichthys Group.  290 pp.  (Pietsch)



1 Assignment of major professor was based on the signature on the title page of thesis (or signature of the chair of the reading committee) as well as the individual thanked first in the acknowledgment section of the thesis.


2. Schultz’s degree was issued in the Department of Zoology.  He thanked Thompson, but did not acknowledge Trevor Kincaid.


3 Thompson was the first signature on the title page, but Chapman thanked Schultz first in the Acknowledgment Section of the dissertation.


4 McPhail was Meldrin’s major professor.  After McPhail left the UW in 1966, Allan C. DeLacy became Meldrin’s supervisor.



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