I thank Ted Pietsch, SAFS, for suggesting that I study the history of the UW Fish Collection and for allowing me access to his records.I am grateful for his permission to use written material he prepared on the history and facilities of the Collection.

Katherine Pearson, UW Fish Collections Manager, helped me with the records and correspondence of the Collection.She also answered my many questions and provided me with summaries of the holdings of the museum.Katherine also posted this manuscript on the Fish Collection website, for which I am thankful.I thank Erin MacDonald, SAFS, for assistance on a number of items.

I thank the UW Manuscripts, Special Collection, and University Archives for allowing me access to their records relevant to the Fish Collection.I particularly thank Janet Ness of the Archives for help in locating records.Marcus Duke, Information Specialist, SAFS, gave me help in searching the Schoolís archives.

William Cox, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C., quickly answered my inquiries about the Institutionís holdings on Leonard P. Schultz and made copies of the material available to me.

I thank Fred Utter, SAFS, and William Aron, formerly AFSC, for sharing their knowledge of the School of Fisheries and itís personalities during the 1950-1960s

Ted Pietsch, Katherine Pearson, and James Orr, AFSC, read the final copy of the manuscript.



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