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About Paul Bannick

The Owl and the Woodpecker features the photography of Seattle resident and author Paul Bannick. The exhibit is based on a book by the same name.

Paul Bannick is a wildlife photographer specializing in the natural history of North America with a focus on birds and habitat. Coupling his love of the outdoors with his skill as a photographer, he creates images that foster the intimacy between viewer and subject, inspiring education and conservation.

After graduating from the University of Washington, Paul worked successfully for 15 years in the computer software industry, beginning as one of the original 75 employees of the Aldus Corporation. He later served as a director for Adobe Systems, and worked as a senior manager at Microsoft. Wishing to combine his passion for wilderness conservation with his career, Paul turned his attention to non-profit work and currently serves as the director of development for Conservation Northwest, an organization dedicated to protecting and connecting wild areas from the Pacific Coast to the Canadian Rockies.

Paul has appeared on dozens of NPR stations and programs and his work has appeared in many national publications and in several bird identification guides. He has served as keynote speaker for dozens of festivals and fundraisers across the country, and two of his photos are part of the Burke Museum traveling exhibit, Arctic Wings, featuring images from several of the world's finest wildlife photographers.

About the book The Owl and the Woodpecker

Paul's first book, The Owl and the Woodpecker (The Mountaineers Books, 2008), continues to be one of the bestselling bird books in North America, and was a finalist for the Washington State Book Award for general non-fiction. National Public Radio's blog recommended The Owl and the Woodpecker as one of the top five photography books of 2009.

Photographer Paul Bannick
Photographer Paul Bannick

<em>The Owl and the Woodpecker</em>, by Paul Bannick (Mountaineers Books, 2008)
The Owl and the Woodpecker, by Paul Bannick (Mountaineers Books, 2008)