Gregory C. Jensen


    Auxiliary Faculty (Lecturer), School of Aquatic and Fishery Science, University of Washington


    A.S. (Marine Biology), Olympic College, Bremerton, WA, 1978.

    B.A. (Zoology), University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1981.

    Ph.D. (Fisheries/Invertebrate Ecology) University of Washington, 1990.


    Biological Technician, National Marine Fisheries, RACE Division, Seattle, 1983.

    Teaching Assistant, University of Washington, Seattle. 1985-86, 1988-89. 

    Fisheries Biologist, University of Washington, Seattle.  1983-4; 1990-94, 1998-present. 

    Instructor, Ichthyology., Western Washington University, Anacortes, Washington 1994- 1995.

    Auxiliary Faculty, University of Washington, Seattle, 1994-present.


    Sons of Norway Scholarship, 1976; Klett Memorial Scholarship,1978; Chapman Memorial Scholarship, 1986 Cobb Memorial Scholarship, 1987; Graduate School Tuition Scholarship, 1987; Fisheries Memorial Scholarship, 1988


    NOAA, Washington Sea Grant, "Potential Impacts of a Nonindigenous Crab on Selected West Coast Commercial Invertebrates"$154,217, 1998-1999.

    NOAA, Washington Sea Grant, "Habitat Utilization by a Nonindigenous Crab". $184,384, 2000-2001


    Halibut sampling and tagging, Gulf of Alaska, 1981; Foreign fishing observer, 8 wk Korean fishing boat, Gulf of Alaska, 1982; Dungeness crab sampling, Washington coast, 1983-86; Pollock sampling, Gulf of Alaska, 1983; King crab sampling, Bering Sea 1983-1984; Dungeness crab survey, PISCES IV submersible, Washington 1987; King crab sampling, Alaska,, 1990; Crustacean and demersal fish sampling, Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1991; Invertebrate dive transects, Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1995; Porcelain crab sampling, Panama, 1998; Green crab sampling and telemetry, Bodega, California, 1998-2001; International Sakhalin Island Project, 2001.


    Since 1983, 23 scientific papers, plus two popular articles and one book, on the systematics, biology, and ecology of Crustacea.

    Five titles most relevant to ISIP:

    Jensen, G.C. 1983. Heptacarpus pugettensis, a new species of hippolytid shrimp from Puget Sound, Washington.  Journal of Crustacean Biology 3: 314-320.

    Jensen, G.C. 1987. A new species of the genus Lebbeus (Caridea: Hippolytidae) from the northeastern Pacific.  Southern California Academy of Sciences Bulletin 86: 89-94

    McLaughlin, P.A. and G.C. Jensen. 1996A new species of hermit crab of the genus Parapagurodes  (Decapoda: Anomura: Paguridae) from the Eastern Pacific, with a description of its first zoeal stage.  Journal of Natural History30: 841-854.

    Jensen, G.C. 1998. A new shrimp of the genus Pandalopsis (Decapoda: Caridea: Pandalidae) from the eastern Pacific, with notes on its natural history.  Species Diversity 3: 81-88.

    Jensen, G.C. and R.C. Johnson. 1999. Reinstatement and further description of Eualus subtilis Carvacho and Olson, and comparison with E. lineatus Wicksten and Butler (Crustacea: Decapoda: Hippolytidae). Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 112: 133-140.

Five other selected publications:

    Jensen, G.C. and D.A. Armstrong, 1989. The biennial reproductive cycle of blue king crab, Paralithodes platypus, at the Pribilof Islands, Alaska and comparison to a congener, P. camtschatica. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 46: 932-940.

    Jensen, G.C. 1989. Gregarious settlement by megalopae of the porcelain crabs Petrolisthes cinctipes (Randall) and P. eriomerus (Stimpson).  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 131: 223-231.

    Jensen, G.C. and D.A. Armstrong, 1991. Intertidal zonation among congeners: factors regulating the distribution of porcelain crabs, Petrolisthes spp. (Anomura: Porcellanidae). Marine Ecology Progress Series 73: 47-61.

    Jensen, G.C. 1991. Competency, settling behavior, and post-settlement aggregation by porcelain crab megalopae (Anomura: Porcellanidae). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 153: 49-61.

    Jensen, G.C. 1995. Pacific Coast Crabs and Shrimps.  Sea Challengers, Monterey.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students Advised:

    B. Badgely, J. Jenkins, S. Shaffer, M. Egnotovich, S. Bolden, R. Johnson, M. Asplen, M. Grodzins, S. A. Miller, (MS), P. S. McDonald (Ph.D.), G. Tsai, (MS)

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