Immediate Results

A computerized inventory of existing Sakhalin plants and animals in Russian collections will be made available to specialists around the world by way of a search facility associated with a dedicated “Okhotsk Regional Biotic Survey” web-site (see Data Acquisition and Dissemination of Information, p. 13). In the same way, partial inventories of all plants and animals collected on Sakhalin will be made available following the termination of each field season, and a full inventory will be made available following the termination of the grant. Participating scientists from all three nations, in close collaboration with students in the program, will prepare a series of pertinent publications: new species descriptions, keys, guides, and annotated checklists of the flora and fauna of Sakhalin Island. The specimens collected, while adding enormously to the systematic collections of the participating institutions, will be made available for more detailed study to project participants as well as to qualified specialists outside of the program. A diverse array of systematic, zoogeographic, and ecological studies will result.

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