RESULTS TO DATE.-The taxonomic diversity of the IKIP hemipteran specimens identified to date consists of 52 species belonging to 37 genera in 7 families. Published results on this material include 5 new archipelago, and 23 new island, records representing 13 species (see New Hemiptera Records), and the description of 1 new species (see New Insect Species). All of these specimen records, complete with corresponding locality data, are on-line and fully searchable (see IKIP Databases). The taxonomists who have examined this material are listed below:

  • KERZHNER, Izyaslav (Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia). Material examined: all heteropteran (except Gerridae) taxa from the 1994-1996 expeditions (Russian and U.S.A. team's collections).

  • TACHIKAWA, Shyuji (Entomology Laboratory, Tokyo Agricultural University, Tokyo, Japan). Material examined: all gerrid (suborder Heteroptera) taxa from the 1994 expedition (U.S.A. team's collections).

  • TAKAGI, Sadao (Laboratory of Systematic Entomology, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan). Material examined: all ortheziid (suborder Sternorrhyncha) taxa from the 1995 expedition.

RESEARCH PRODUCTS.-A checklist of all hemipteran generic and species identifications currently in the IKIP Database are available for each family. To view a corresponding check-list, click on the family name in the below classification (following Schuh, 1979; Carver et al., 1991; Wheeler et al., 1993; von Dohlen and Moran, 1995; see Classification References).

    Suborder Sternorrhyncha

PUBLICATIONS.-The following publications (listed chronologically) are based on data from IKIP hemipteran specimens:

  1. KERZHNER, I. M., and Y. M. MARUSIK. 1996. Heteroptera (Insecta) of the Kuril Islands: A revised check-list and new data on species of the central Kurils. Russian Entomological Journal, 5(1-4): 21-29.
  2. TAKAGI, S., Y. M. MARUSIK, M. ‘HARA, and B. K. URBAIN. 1997. Records of Arctorthezia cataphracta from the Middle Kuril Islands and SEM observations of their wax-secreting organs (Homoptera: Coccoidea: Ortheziidae). Bulletin of the Otaru Museum, 10: 1-7.
  3. KERZHNER, I. M. 1997. A new species of Orthotylus from the Kuril Islands (Heteroptera: Miridae). Zoosystematica Rossica, 5(2): 212.

  4. KERZHNER, I. M., Y. M. MARUSIK, and B. K. URBAIN. In preparation. Heteroptera (Insecta) of the Kuril Islands: A revised check-list and new data on species from the entire archipelago.


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