Professor of Zoology, Professor of Natural Resources, School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109.


    B.S., Biology, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Virginia, 1952

    M.S., Biology, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia, 1954

    Ph.D., Zoology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1959


    Research Associate, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, 1958-1963

    Assistant Professor of Zoology, University of Michigan, 1963-1964

    Associate Professor of Zoology, University of Michigan, 1964-1970

    Curator of Mollusks, The Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia, 1975-1976

    Chairman, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Michigan, 1979-1981

    Regents Fellow, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C., 1983-1984

    Curator of Mollusks, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, 1963-present

    Professor of Zoology, University of Michigan, 1970-present

    Professor of Natural Resources, School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan, 1980-present


    Research Associate, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, 1966-present

    Member, Expert Advisory Panel on Parasitic Diseases (Schistosomiasis), World Health Organization, 1973-present

    Member, Technical Committee, Wildlife Division, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, 1977-present

    Research Associate, The Australian Museum, Sydney, 1978-present

    Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, 1979-present

    Research Associate, University of Colorado Museum, Boulder, Colorado, 1990-present

    Member, Graduate Faculty, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 1992-present


    Taxonomy, comparative morphology, and phylogenetic relationships of freshwater mollusks of the world, and of land mollusks of North America, Eurasia, and Australasia; invertebrates of Michigan; cytotaxonomy; biochemical systematics.


    U.S.A. (eastern, southeastern, southern, mid-western, Great Plains, California, Washington), Canada (central and southern Ontario), Mexico (Nuevo Leon; Veracruz), Cuba, Europe (Austria, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Macedonia), North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia), Sub-Saharan Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe), Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait), Southern Asia (India), Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Ph ilippines, Thailand), Eastern Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), Papua New Guinea, Australia (central Australia, Great Barrier Reef, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria; Western Australia), South Pacific (American Samoa, Fiji, Marshall Isl ands, Mariana Islands, New Hebrides, New Zealand, Society Islands, Tonga, Western Samoa), North Pacific (Hawaiian Islands), southern Kuril Islands.

Five Most Relevant Publications:

  • BURCH, J. B., J. E. Williams, Y. Hishinuma, and R. Natarajan. 1964. Chromosomes of some Japanese freshwater snails (Basommatophora: Branchiopulmonata). Malacologia, 1(3): 402-415.

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  • BURCH, J. B., W. R. Hoeh, and P. R. Chung. 1990. Applications of biotechnology in the study of mollusks. pp. 75-78, In: Proceedings of the Korea-U.S. Conference on Application of Biotechnology to the Study of Animal Parasites and Their Vectors. < i>Yonsei Reports on Tropical Medicine, 20: 75-78.

Five Other Significant Publications:

  • BURCH, J. B., and R. Natarajan. 1965. Cytological studies of Taiwanese freshwater pulmonate snails. Bull. Inst. Zool., Academia Sinica, Taipei, 4(1): 11-17.

  • BURCH, J. B. 1982. Freshwater snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda) of North America. Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratory, Office of Research and Development, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, Ohio, pp. i-vi, 1-194.

  • BURCH, J. B. 1984. Freshwater snails of the Philippines. Walkerana 2(7): 81-112.

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  • BURCH, J. B., and E. Suchart Upatham. 1989. Medically important mollusks of Thailand. Jour. Med. Appl. Malacol., 1: 1-9.

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