Progress to Date

Planning.--Correspondence with Japanese and Russian scientists about the possibility of organizing an international team of biologists to conduct a detailed biological survey of the Kuril Islands began inJanuary 1992. In February 1992, curators of the Burke Museum discussed the Kuril idea with Dr. Veniamin Myasnikov, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Far East Branch, who was then visiting Seattle. On 29 March 1992, as a result of these preliminary talks and a two-page abstract describing the Kuril project submitted to Dr. Myasnikov, I was invited to go to Vladivostok by Dr. Vitaly Tarasov of the Institute of Marine Biology, Vladivostok, to discuss joint research in the Kurils. Unable to accept this invitation because of prior commitments, things were put off until early December 1992, when I wrote to Dr. Mikhael Glubokovsky, Institute of Marine Biology, Vladivostok, who had been corresponding about the Kuril project with Dr. Kunio Amaoka of Hokkaido University. Dr. Glubokovsky's great enthusiasm for the idea lead to a second invitation to visit Vladivostok, this time from Vladimir Kasyanov, Director, Institute of Marine Biology. Together with Dr. Amaoka, I spent a week (22-29 March 1993) in Vladivostok, discussing the project with Russian scientists. Following the Russian visit, another week was spent in Tokyo, discussing the project further with Japanese scientists, and with Michiaki Takaishi, Head of Programs, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, who agreed to consider a parallel proposal to support the Japanese team. Further details of the plan were later worked out with Dr. Amaoka, who spent the month of May 1993 with me in Seattle.

Preliminary Visits.--See "Results From Prior NSF Support."

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