Professor, Laboratory of Wildlife Ecology, Department of Agro-Environmental Sciences, Obihiro University, Inada, Obihiro 080, Japan.


    B.S., Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, 1961.

    M.S., Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, 1963.

    Ph.D., Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University, 1966.


    Extensive field work throughout northern Japan and the Russian Far East; of special importance are the following: studies of forest bird communities, Tomakomai, southeastern Hokkaido, 1982, 1983; forest bird communities, Ash oro, eastern Hokkaido, 1984, 1985; ecological studies of the black woodpecker Dryocopos martius, Hokkaido, 1987-1989; First Japan-Soviet Joint Survey of Rare Birds, 1988, Bikin River, Primorsky Region, Russia; ecological studies of the birds of Akan Natio nal Park, 1989-1991, Akan National Park, Hokkaido; ecological studies of the hazel grouse Tetrastes bonasia, 1990-1992, Hokkaido; Third Japan-Soviet Joint Survey of Rare Birds, 1990, Bikin-Alchan Lowland, Primorsky Region, Russia; Japan-Soviet Joint Resea rch on Migratory Birds, 1991, Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve, Kamchatka Peninsula.


    Since 1966, 87 scientific publications on the taxonomy, distribution, ecology, behavior, age determination, and breeding biology of birds.

Five publications most relevant to the present proposal:

  • FUJIMAKI, Y. 1989. Birds of Tokachi District, Hokkaido. 5. Birds along the lower reaches of the Tokachi River. Jour. Yamashina Inst. Ornithol., 21: 76-83.

  • FUJIMAKI, Y. 1989. Breeding status of the hooded crane Grus monacha along the Bikin River in the Far East of the USSR. Strix, 8: 199-217.

  • FUJIMAKI, Y. 1991. Birds of eastern Kamchatka Peninsula. Strix, 10: 219-228.

  • FUJIMAKI, Y. 1992. Age determination of the hazel grouse and carrion crow based on the layered structure of the mandible. Japan. Jour. Ornithol., 40: 102-111.

  • FUJIMAKI, Y. 1993. Breeding biology of the black woodpecker Dryocopus martius in Hakodate, Hokkaido. Jour. Yamashina Inst. Ornithol., 25: 76-92.

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