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Woman's Collar Plate

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Collar plate of silver, rectangular in shape. Center shows eight repoussed conical shapes in vertical placement on either side of which are two bands in a zigzag design. On the left are two holes. Next to the zigzag bands, on either side, are two bands of bars placed one over the other, horizontally, 24 in each column, space in between. Columns are separated by a narrow band, also zigzag design. The entire plate is framed by a narrow band showing lines of dots. Back of plate shows the perforations as well as a silver hook placed in the center.

Worn as a decoration and fastener at the front of the collar.  Owned by Jjizze Keqi, sold to Erbu Shiha, bought from Erbu Shiha 1999, a pawn shop owner. Maker unknown. Keqi was from Lianghekou Township, Xide County.

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