Kepu Jjylur Shyate

If a ruler knows a thousand things, and a minister a hundred, the things a bimo knows are innumerable.     - Nuosu proverb 
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Harmonizing the signs of husband and wife
A hand-written copy of the Nuosu scripture "Kepu Jjylur Shyate." a
Nuosu priest's srcipture for hasband, wife and jjilur.

"Jjilur" is a sacred object with a mystical history and magical power in the Nuosu belief. The Nuosu believe that jjilur can exorcize the evil and turn bad luck into good fortune.

As a folk song sung by the famous Nuosu singer Kezhi said "If a ruler got a jjilur, he could turn stones into food. If a commoner got a jjilur, the emperor would always follow their advice. If the silversmith got a jjilur, he can bring his talent into full play."

Although the lyrics of the song are somewhat exaggerated, they state that the Nuosu adore the jjilur for its sacred power.

The script is usually used to harmonize the discordance of the horoscopic signs of the husband and wife, or disputes between the couple. It is believed that the quarrels within the family are caused by the loss of jjilur. To mediate the problem, the priest will be invited to the household to perform the ritual Kepu jjilur shyaho. It is intended to eulogizes the jjilur, praying for blessing of the jjilur to the couple.

Jjilur refers to a genie, treasure, good luck or happiness. Each Nuosu clan or even family worships different jjilur. For example, the Anu lineage of the aristocratic Aho clan worships a snake with golden coin patterns. It is said that the giant serpent is usually followed by a group of baby snakes. The Syha lineage of the Aho clan worships an old plough.

The lyrics of a folk song by the famous Nuosu singer Kezhi in Ganluo County state that "Each family worships a different jjilur. The ancient band of Abu and Ali worshipped the white streamer decorated on the hats. The Gguhxo band worshipped golden arrows and bows, while the Qoni band worshipped a red sword. The Ahxo clan worships a blind mule. The Yizhe clan worships the tail of white yak: Jimu Suga clan worships a white bull with a black face; Azhereer clan worships a yellow suit of armor..."

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