Ddi vi

If a ruler knows a thousand things, and a minister a hundred, the things a bimo knows are innumerable.     - Nuosu proverb 
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Setting Grudges to Rest
 A handwritten copy of the Nuosu scripture "Ddip vi", one of the Nuosu priests' scriptures used in nimu co bi, the great ceremony to send the souls of the dead to the resting place of their ancestors.

It is used in the sacrifice ritual of the soul sending ceremony. The Nuosu believe that people have grudges against others because of specific events in the secular world. In order not to leave any trouble for the family of the deceased, it is necessary to remove the  grudges that accumulated against the deceased during his or her lifetime  during the sending ceremony.

The bimo priest reads this script during the ceremony to remove the hates, discords and misfortune left by the deceased during his or her lifetime.

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