If a ruler knows a thousand things, and a minister a hundred, the things a bimo knows are innumerable.     - Nuosu proverb 

Ddip vi


Kepu Jjylur Shyate


Nuosu books are writtten in a script that was traditionally written on the paper from right to left and up and down with a handmade bamboo pen dipped in the rosin ink and bound  into a scroll.

The bamboo pen is made from a thin bamboo stick attached to a small bundle of goat wool at one end. Sometimes a sharpened bamboo stick was used directly.

The paper, purchased from the Han Chinese, is made of a kind of green bamboo and is quite durable for folding. The paper is usually cut into a rectangular shape and folded into a book. A bamboo stick was cut into halves and sewn to one side of the book. The first and last few pages of the book are left blank for the front and back cover.

After the priest finished writing, the paper is rolled up from the bamboo rollers and wrapped with a hand-woven cloth of hemp or cotton. The scroll is tied up with a linen string attached at the end of the cloth. At last, the name of the scripture is written on the wrapping.

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